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This What You Get Every Day When You Fuckin With Me

This What You Get Every Day When You Fuckin With Me
No inch under you is ever untouched                  
My naked supple flesh laying upon silk sheets, his tongue roaming up my inner thigh unrushed                    
No skin left with you roaming, all over my rounded ass…mmm you slowly kissing                    
Parting my thighs wider, cupping his girth, mmm… sliding deep inside... oh yes, this is what I’ve been missing                    
We feening for the raw, back arched, cat scratching, passion                    
His lips finding mine, my legs encircling his back for the hard and deep thrashing                    
Unfolding in rapid and swift succession                    
Ecstasy and desire, the cravings of our nightly transgressions, palming the mattress, plundering in and out my silken obsession  
Every time you lick me, I be losing it  
His fingers and the tip of his tongue massaging my slit, moaning, mind gone, softly biting down on my bottom lip  
This What You Get Every Day When You Fuckin With Me  
Oh baby...                    
Big daddy…deeper... oh God yes…legs linking around the back of his neck making us happen, no more maybes                      
Hungering for his pushing, pulling thrust                    
Drizzling drips of our denied lust, over-spilling, two entwined souls, breathless of its sweetest just                    
Desiring the dive in moisten depth                    
Confiscated wrists pinned over my head, darting his dick back inside my creamy wet, riding his erection, taking any strength I may have left
His virility, his scent, my soul inflamed by desire with his hard hitting heat                    
A lady in the streets, a nympho in his sheets    
This What You Get Every Day When You Fuckin With Me  
Completing each other                    
In and out the covers, you are my one and true lover, palming my hips, circling my cunt as my body hovers    
Racing to climax                    
Weakening sensations, sending me… a swinging nipple his mouth clumsily latch                    
Eyes closing as if, Santa has blessed me with his aroused gift                    
Riding the elongation of solid bliss, suckling harder on my glistening tits                    
Our senses reusing to subsiding                  
Juices seeping with each upward glide, dick sliding, my cunt moistened for the inviting                    
Our breaths growing stronger                    
Oh…baby…. how much longer, no relent, allowing my tight pussy to silkify his boner                    
This What You Get Every Day When You Fuckin With Me  
Faster, stroking deeper, interlacing our hands                    
Pulling me down on top of him, tongues bonding in a twisting dance                    
Arms enwrapping him, our needs met by one another                    
Holding the back of my head, kissing my lips, his mouth smothers                    
Palming my buttocks, smashing them downward my pussy his four leaf-clover                    
Plunging his erection over and over again                    
Sucking on my neck, Oh baby… I cannot…hold…seducing my kittycat in his Lion’s den                    
Sweet release, our fluids swishing upon our nasty grooving                  
My nails racking his skin, climaxing, his dick inside me…mmm, still moving                    
Mingling our sexes                    
Moans and groans, our only sound effects, wearing each other’s wet scent at best  
Branding him with my passion mark on the side of his neck                    
This What You Get Every Day When You Fuckin With Me  
Chest to chest, embracing                    
Arms gathered around my lower back, not permitting of any spacing, the tip of my tongue his lips I’m tracing    
The beauty in satin rumpled sheets a sweet mess we’ve created                    
Moving inside me, mmm… you are worth the wait, no imitates, mind and heart sincerely elated                    
Rapture found in the lure, begging for more, exhale in the tempation                    
Mm… in my bed, the freedom to love without any reservations                    
Ecstasy of the flesh beyond everything                    
A sexy Queen giving it nightly to a Mandingo King    
This What You Get Every Day When You Fuckin With Me  
Oh yes handsome man, you got the right to hit it, lick it, stick it and be selfish  
Once you lay in my bed my curvaceous body got you all animalistic possessed …wink  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world.

Angelina Jolie
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