look away

close your eyes
I don’t want you to see us like this
all fragile edges
our hearts frantically screaming
it don’t mean a thing
just a fleeting feeling
now be honest
do the cracks truly show in the shape of my false bravado?
not that it matters
too weary right now for pretense
it’s been a long night
my inner kitten scratching tiny gouges
in the echoing halls of these squeezed chambers
desperately begging for her freedom
even knowing it’s not safe out there
she remembers all too well how the steel-toed boot of life
connected with her unsuspecting side
sending her reeling
whiskers over tail
world entirely upended
into the implacability of unforgiving walls
curled into a sobbing fetal ball
waiting eons to recover
bruises that deep take a long time to heal
and her pitiful cries reverberate still
as I stroke her in utter silence
compassion being the more translatable language
letting her feel what I cannot speak
gentle fingers down her rigid spine
eyes wild
we are naked
she & me
vulnerable to harsh elements
and she doesn’t yet understand
this too shall pass
though at present we writhe
here in the remains of our haunting
phantom pains of our agony
funny how darkness loses its cogency
as eyes adjust & senses relax
no longer cognizant to the sense of urgency
drawn by the seductive pull of longing
thus it was when our guard last fell
betrayed from within
as is ever the way of it
still I comfort her
sheltering her bludgeoned delicacy
cradling her softness within me
(please, I repeat
look away)

as we shudder inconsolably
vast oceans of brine pouring from matching forest eyes
all will be well in the end
it’s a cycle
a purging
beauty birthing
born from a sea of loss
growing with shimmery hope
as my soothing words seep
like water drops
through the frail bones of her thoughts
here in the dregs of yesterday’s dreams
we wait
no sound but our rapidly pounding heart
playing hide & seek
in absolute dark

Written by FromTheAsh
Author's Note
Copyright © 2020 FromTheAsh. All Rights Reserved
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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