The Adventures of Rat-Bird: Bedtime

Once upon a time in a messy house there lived a mum, a dad, a big sister, a baby brother, and a parrot called Rat-Bird.  

Rat-Bird liked to go on adventures in the messy house, there was always so much to explore.  
Every day in the messy house with mum, dad, big sis, and baby brother was a little bit different, but they always ended the same way. With bedtime.  
Rat-Bird was mostly very good at bedtimes. When he was little he liked to fall asleep cuddled up in mum's shirt, or snuggled up in one of baby's blankets, resting on dad's chest. Sometimes he'd nap on his back, curled up in in a carelessly tossed bed sheet on big sis's bed, after he'd tunneled through the caves and tunnels the fabric made.  
Once Rat-Bird was a little bit older, mum and dad had to put him to bed in his special cage. But Rat-Bid didn't like going to bed in his special cage. He would get very grumpy and it would sound like he was crying to get out. It made everyone very sad.  
Instead of making Rat-Bird go to bed, and listen to him cry, mum and dad came up with a clever idea, that they weren't sure would work, but they had to try.  
They would turn the lights out at six o'clock, in Rat-Bird's room, and just sit with him, with the door to his very special cage open. When Rat-Bird got tired he'd go into his cage and snuggle up in a little nest big sis had bought for him at the pet store. When mum and dad where sure Rat-Bird was asleep, they would close the door to his very special cage, and cover him up for the night.  
After a few days of doing this Rat-Bird was happy to put himself to bed, with no more tears. Mum, dad, and big sis where very happy. They didn't like it when Rat-Bird was scared or sad. It made them sad too.  
Baby brother of course had no idea any of this was going on, and couldn't be sad, because he was already in bed and asleep. But mum and dad knew that soon, as baby grew up, they'd have to teach him to go to bed with no tears too, just like Rat-Bird.  
(C) Indie Adams 2020
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Author's Note
Writing a series of short stories for my son about our bird, in no particular order. This is the second installment.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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