Image for the poem pLEasEd two MEat yoU... An ohPEN invitation to Calligraphee

pLEasEd two MEat yoU... An ohPEN invitation to Calligraphee

GOoD gracious!..  
Lee pour she wore two faces;  
seW Eye sat on botH Of Them...  
SPacious READ; WhitE and blew traces of laces;  
Poem soaked love pen...  
Dove grin ass he send subliminal messages  
Lee then rub pen in all  
Mess page; yes!..  
Bless age; test...  
Rest cage nest;  
Guess stage guest;  
There was know RSVP  
Butt star guest be Lee width Caligraphee...  
Win hour lines touched we mindfucked yal;  
Ass eye wrote she spoke in cunniligus not Englsh... Eye poked
PageS WEAR my sex PEN IS  
Sew hot it could not be extinguished...  
Blessed geneYes on white sheets...  
We sucked and fucked two rhythyms of night heats like wife beats 🎶  
Both cheeks sprung leaks on groped cheeks and eye used my tongue and teeth two speak in tongue...  

Let LusT SEe What my freak pen brung:  

Lee ScEnE "REdRUM" like white chalk she couldn't walk...  
She called me; "Freak between these sheets"  
She shouldn't talk...  

She said; "I dig your writing style, itís hella unique"  

Lee REaD; "eye big whore biting; WiLD;  
Tits SweLL!.. Bruh YoUnique..."  

She loves because;  

She put a S.P.E.L.L. on me using while abusing twenty seven letters...  
Alpha bet she fusing scent see heaven wetters  
Two amusing due choosing two bruising bods width screams of; "Oh Gods!..  
Ink flow perusing pink show her oozing  

*Show nods  

She grabbed my pad and pen securely; then took my insecurities; †
Pen book then shook †
Try sin, sex; purities †
Like know virgin...  
Pscycho surgeon like Kevorkian bust thinks...  
Rev "stork" Lee pen delivering baby jesus links; butt maybe Lee's lust inks?.?  

Calli; just listen; PEN IS risen...  
Precision see vision in this mission is prism...  
Egyptian description Lee cryption;  
No prison...  
Another lover or writer brighter than this sun..?  
Glow this won...  
Show beacon;  
Butt squeeze bun  
Know rhyme or reason nor time for season  
Who's "God Blessed?"  
ßneeze hun...  

*shoot Gods gift  
*fruit; rod's stiff  
*Lee frees gun  

She lay dormant; fact  
Know welcome mat  
Butt doorman tales your man;  
"Whale cummm back"(thats because eye get deep(h)er tHAn whale shit; butt eye digress 😂)  

eYE Awakened the beast atleast that's what she told me...  
On the stages of her pages is wear †
she shoWED me...  
Like the lines in my mind;  
She blowed me...  
If this script up shits creek she rowed me...  
She reignited a fire 🔥 burning 🔥  
Exposed me to a higher learning  
Now desire turning intwo obsession!.  
If eye fucked you up your ask  
Would there be a question or objection..?  
eye'm not classless eye said "ask" Miss not axis ass if you could say kNOw...  
Eye see asses would say hoe  
Win they should say pro cause these four letter birds could slay foe...  
Butt they know eye'M A LovEr not a fighter  
A hotta writer not a biter;  
SEw shE opened my sex nose;  
Left me exposed win she ex'ed clothes  
Showing the best pose of her wet rose;  
Eagerlee awaiting my  
Next prose...  

Ass lead be spinning;  
We winning;  
Eye see she grinning...  
She warned me from the beginning!..  
Now we sinning...  
How we twiining???  
WoW she penning!..  
Eye think add screw taboo you chew threw clue;  
Boo used sum ink pad pink cad vOodOo †
scribed in Calligraphee...  
Pen f~all; †
dig? †
L💘VE me..?  

Leethal 5.25.2020  

*Poem response to "No Invitation..."  

Thank you Calligraphee for your in(K)spiration!..
Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
Author's Note
In(K)spired by Calligraphee...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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