Asked by my teacher, what inspires me
Then she took my virginity, and lit a fire inside of me
I started with a taste to cloud the pain
I'm tired of everybody trying to analyze my brain

I don't want to be sober
I'm afraid of who I would be
I really need to forget
Why wont they let me be

I couldn't cut my wrist, the needle wouldn't prick
I took a handful of pills and didn't get sick
Straight jacket removed, kick out of my house
What do I have to do, to get padding in my house

Spanked with a ruler, made to stay late
Needing to go bad, but told to wait
For making everyone laugh, there's a price to pay
You'd better not tell, there's a price to pay

Have you ever tried that
Did I show you this before
I like tongue when we kiss
You know I can teach you more

This was all nailed and buried deep inside of me
That's until I opened up and let you inside of me
The nails were pulled, the holes were filled
The meds were stopped, it's time to kill

The worms in my head have became python
They're constantly chanting, "let's get it on"
Jump into this soil and scream with us
Join our team and release with us

My mental's suffering the strain of so much pain
Bent by so much to loose with nothing to gain
Buried beneath a pile of slithering savages
I relinquished my grip and my soul is ravaged

The fabric of time is really fishnet
Reality's a cruel master and I'm it's pet
We're overcrowded in here, with no room to forget
Everyone's slithering even down to the maggots now wet

Speaking into the wind
So that I can hear me again
Constantly asking my fears of its pains
Did we offer heart or bring brains

There's a poster hanging behind your desk
It says, "Lets builds another pipeline
The earth's a mess"
I can't tell you how much I hate your desk

There's people posing
With glasses turnt up
Saying, "drink more gas
Water sucks"

After adding and legal deducing
You think that you've found a solution
The earth has to many people
And that's the pollution

Let's create a system
Called, "Us Against Them"
Let's make a few feel important
In "Us against Them"

I know what has to be done and with force
I must end this teaching at the source
Climb over a desk, I've been on before
I never admitted to ripping a throat before

I've had dreams of turning you into confetti
Who goes to see a therapist carrying a machete
Stomach ripped, intestines wrapped around your throat
We're in the middle of the ocean with no paddle in our boat

I'm pouring my heart out to you and to make you listen
I'm gouging your eyes to make them glisten
The hunger's back and its driving me nuts
When did I learn to make such precise cuts

The machete has became a scalpel
Slicing from sternum to scapula
Although this was done just for fun
I stuck my hand in and pulled out a lung

The grace and respect
With which I dissect
Has me harvesting everything below the neck
I'ld rather do this than have sex

Tomorrow I've got to find another therapist
Hopefully someone that realizes I need a therapist
Hopefully they can help me, not to be bad
Maybe I can get a room with all white pad

Written by I_IS_ME
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