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Ode to DU

Ode Owed to DU

I am thankful to DU for many things
Advice, help, support, friendship
Learning and growing as a poet
The journey was more of a love affair
It was a place I called home
A place I was proud to call home
I became an evangelist for DU
Witnessing with much fervour
“The best poetry site on the net.”
I actively promoted this site
I protected it from outside criticism
Felt uneasy about internal criticism
It felt like somebody was criticising your mother

Had some very good years (Honeymoon period?)
Made some very good friends
Met some very special souls
Got inspired by some brilliant poets
But like love affairs all, it takes
Is one instance that turns it on its head
That can eventually or immediately
Make you fall out of love
One event being the catalyst
For ending the romance

What was my moment or issue?
Well I finally stood up to an injustice
I stood up to a member that was deemed untouchable
And from that time to even now
I am still being made to face
The vengeful and hate-filled consequences
And it will never stop
I have proven that as have others before me

The apparent mistake I made
Was standing up for the DU guidelines
The apparent sin I committed
Was to stand up to bullying
But the torrent of abuse received
Is still alive and kicking
Ultimately what do you do
If you are in a toxic relationship?
Ultimately you Leave!

Like many before
And for similar reasons
It is now my time
I am no longer in love
Parts of DU are still lovable
But the is one issue I can no longer take
And for the sake of my sanity
I have no choice

This is not a search for sympathy
Nor one for attention
This is not a threat
It is what it is
It is settled
It is over
And the proof of the pudding
Will be in my action

My regrets are many
But staying would only serve
To create more and more regrets
The site I joined I was naively led to believe
“Was All About the poetry”
“Was all about a supportive community”
And for some, it has always been that way
And for some, it has been the polar opposite

I wish most of the member’s good luck
In your journey and commitment
I hope it remains a positive one
I hope change will come
Even if I am not around to see it
And one final piece of parting advice
Never, ever just put up with bullies
That way lies madness
Don’t be a silent witness
The opposite of standing up
Is lying down
The one thing I do not regret
Is standing up despite being
A Legless cowboy

Happy trails!
Rise and Grind!
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
Author's Note
David Macleod (c)

I will probably be here for 2/3 weeks for housekeeping duties
David Macleod (c)

I will probably be here for 2/3 weeks for housekeeping duties

If you want to retain contact I will still be of facebook messenger and facebook. If you need details just PM me
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