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In the hospital waiting room
I passed the time with what  
was available — Newsweek, likely  
I honestly don't remember much of  
anything other than the harried  
woman hurriedly passing through    
who suddenly halted  
backpeddled a few steps  
snatched up a magazine and  
it cover down on the table in  
before storming away to  
her anger management    
therapist, pharmacist for  
a Benzodiazepine prescription  
or whatever people do  
when in the throes of  
It's hilarious because  
I turned the magazine over  
expecting to be greeted by  
some smirking politician  
party animal logo  
a salacious scandal  
but instead it was of all  
things or people ...  
Michelle Obama!    
To this day, I have no idea  
why the woman reacted so ...  
involuntary and ... well  
Maybe she was taught to hate  
Democrats as a child ?  
Perhaps she was a racist ??  
A staunch admirer of Laura Bush ???  
Jealous of the then First Lady  
having such a confident    
not to mention  
a r t i c u l a t e    
husband ????  
As the inkwell runs dry of question    
marks, the occasion still freshly  
blotting my mind persists—
I am prone to giggles and fits  
of laughter  
but mostly I remain in awe  
because all it takes is a photograph  

sometimes a batch of musical notes  

or merely a president's name  
for certain people to lose all    
self control, behaving as  
you would expect them to—  
a stereotype of themselves  
foaming at the mouth    
as if his or her very soul  
was just shat upon  
Imagine that, Poets—  
a single word  
That's all you really need  
for some people to be  
Written by JohnnyBlaze
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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