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Cinderrella’s Ball

You gotta have a decent sized pair of balls, if you desire to hang.
I’m pretty content with my pussy,  
I don’t need another one
Im a strong personality,  
Not everyone can keep pace.  
A complicated mess,  
spherical collection of contradictions.  
Rendering you on your toes,  
always guessing.  
That’s what keeps life interesting,  
or so it goes.  
A whirlwind, if you will.  
Dance with me,  
and you’ll come out  
drenched  in intrigue.  
Stunned, scratching your head.  
Walking away,  inquisitively marveling the creature you just encountered.  
Wondering if there is more than meets the eye.  
There is...  
I’m a little bit of everything...  
A cup of charm  
A pinch sugar  
A dash of sass  
A splash of sarcasm  
A hint of wit  
A heap of humor  
An ideal recipe for a day dream  
 ...or a nightmare.  
Which transpires, depends on you.  
Adventure awaits,  
I promise you that.  
Often I’m a cold,  
crisp glass of sweet tea.  
Classic, refreshing, tasty.  
Smooth, easy going,  
pleasant revitalizer.  
Other times, a straight shot of whiskey.  
More tantalizing,  sharp, unyielding.  
A playful distraction to ease your pain,  
space  to drown your sorrows,  
staggering source of wisdom.  
Yet, undoubtedly giving you  
 a little more trouble than i’m worth.  
During my feistier moments ...  
Make it a double.  
Strong, packing a punch,  
leaving you with your head  
spinning a bit.  
Most days I am a beacon of light,  
a bright ray of sunshine,  
 sharing hope and warmth,  
often with just a a smile.  
On occasion, I’m a quiet storm of emotion.  
Where pain and despair are brewing,  
guiding my sails.  
Requiring you jump in the ship and fight alongside, or seek refuge,  
awaiting a break in the clouds.  
Be mindful not to dismiss my sirens,  
invalidate my sentiments,  
or dare try to oppose me.  
It won’t end pretty.  
I desire someone who can comprehend  
and value my many intricacies.  
To enjoy simple wonders  
and navigate the storms of life,  
Shoulder to shoulder,  
hand in hand,  
unwaveringly devoted.  
Clearly, I’m anything but ordinary,  
An old soul with a youthful exuberance.  
Never content fitting in any box.  
Think of me as Cinderella, with a dark side.  
Gentle and kind,  
radiating empathy and compassion,  
With above average strength and fierceness,  
coming  from having dipped my toes  
in the pit of hell,  
one too many times.  
Having seen, endured  
meaningful sorrow,  
not just anyone can capture my attention.  
Individuals with a fragmented past  
 spark a connection deep enough  
 to entice our souls to dance.  
Shared anguish nourishes deep understanding,  
igniting unrivaled  passion.  
In the end, our demons should carouse sympathetically.  
Like Cinderella,  
I possess limited time  
at this ball, we call life.  
Granting until midnight,  
to convince me to stay.  
If successful, I remain loyal to the end.  
Unless pushed to the edge.  
And when I leave,  
you won’t find a glass slipper  
leading back to me.  
I’ll vanish without a trace.    
My essence, my scent, my memory,  
I’m a hard one to forget.  
Tougher to replace.  
Many chase  
But very few have ever had a taste.  
I’m a just good girl  
with a sensual side, and a dirty mind.  
Who craves to be  
ravished by the man she loves,  
then loved tenderly for a lifetime.  
I don’t ask for much...  
quite simple, after all  
What do you say?  
Shall we dance?
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
Published | Edited 31st Jul 2020
Author's Note
Just indulging my sassy playful side... Reminding myself who I best friend who knows me better than anyone, said this was spot on and called it my “siren song”...
Just indulging my sassy playful side... Reminding myself who I best friend who knows me better than anyone, said this was spot on and called it my “siren song” 🤦‍♀️Oh dear...and that is my literal ink in the picture :)
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