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Lost Boy

Guess itís true,
Lost boys, never grow up...
Doesnít it get old?
Living life as a  
proverbial teenage boy?  
Physically maturing,  
yet emotionally and experientially,
Maybe itís just me, but
I donít understand the appeal.  
then again...
I always viewed the story  
of Peter Pan,
as a tragedy....  

To never grow up...
escaping death,
avoiding responsibility,  
and the  pains  
of adulthood.  
Just pure childlike wonder
and bliss,  
eternal indulgence  
of boyhood fantasies...
But at what cost?  
If you never grow up,  
do you ever really live?  
And In case you forgot,  
Wendy never stayed  
in never land.  
Instead, Peter
†visits periodically. †
Selfishly ensuring  
his remembrance,  
fearful of becoming  
the lost boy  
of Wendyís heart.  
Eventually to be left
peering through  
a foggy window,
watching ďthe one that got awayĒ
Fall in love, raise a family,  
and grow old  
with someone else...
Witnessing experiences he,  
himself shall never have.  
And poor Wendy,  
Hopelessly waiting  
for Peter
†to fly to her window,  
only to watch him leave...
Slowly having to let go...
never fully able to.
Heart split in two.  
Content with her decision,
Yet constantly reminded  
of her youth,
forever haunted
by reminisces  
of what could have been.  
Itís a heart shattering tale  
of two †lovers kept apart,
Because he was too scared  
to be a man...  
But this isnít Neverland,
And youíre not Peter Pan.
And I am not your Wendy...
Donít you hear it?  
The ticking clock, in the crocodile  
is chasing you.
While youíre lost
†in this adolescent fantasy land..
... life is passing you by.
When you return  
to reality,
playing catch up  
will prove painstaking.  
Find yourself, lost boy...
Itís time to grow up.
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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