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Lost Boy

Guess itís true,  
Lost boys, never grow up...  


Doesnít it get old?  
Living life as a †
proverbial teenage boy? †
Physically maturing, †
yet emotionally and experientially,  
Maybe itís just me, but  
I donít understand the appeal. †

then again...  

I always viewed the story †
of Peter Pan,  
as a tragedy.... †
To never grow up...  
escaping death,  
avoiding responsibility, †
and the †pains †
of adulthood. †
Just pure childlike wonder  
†and bliss, †
eternal indulgence †
of boyhood fantasies...  

But at what cost? †
If you never grow up, †
do you ever really live? †

And In case you forgot, †
Wendy never stayed †
in never land. †
Instead, Peter  
†visits periodically. †  
Selfishly ensuring †
his remembrance, †
fearful of becoming †
the lost boy †
of Wendyís heart. †

Eventually to be left  
peering through †
a foggy window,  
watching ďthe one that got awayĒ  
Fall in love, raise a family, †
and grow old †
with someone else...  
Witnessing experiences he, †
himself shall never have. †

And poor Wendy, †
Hopelessly waiting †
for Peter  
†to fly to her window, †
only to watch him leave...  
repeatedly. †

Slowly having to let go...  
never fully able to.
Heart split in two. †
Content with her decision,  
Yet constantly reminded †
of her youth,  
forever haunted  
by reminisces †
of what could have been. †

Itís a heart shattering tale †
of two †lovers kept apart,  
Because he was too scared †
to be a man... †

But this isnít Neverland,  
And youíre not Peter Pan.  
And I am not your Wendy...  

Nonetheless, †
Donít you hear it? †
The ticking clock, in the crocodile †
is chasing you.  
While youíre lost  
†in this adolescent fantasy land..  
... life is passing you by.  

When you return †
to reality,  
playing catch up †
will prove painstaking. †

Find yourself, lost boy...  
Itís time to grow up.
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
Published | Edited 31st Jul 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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