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~In Search Of  The Dreams & Rains of Transcendence


((the visceral anatomy of a Transcendence))
the fuming yellows of this summer eve  
how is a dimlit gloomy breakout in quick  
mutable blindness... the  
extremities switch such in never touching  
yet running close subtle collimations , as if  
serially in connectedness .. of  
separate events that kill selves before the  
other ushers..
(only the stency  
ammoniacal sweat zones  
of a verboten sticky hotness skins remain  
as a  self~ stigmatized decoupaged image  
.. an aggrandizing deserted lorn~ scape  
of slithery broadening hissy tongues... the  
bundled firelog of sooty  
burning effigies..  
sudden aerosol  
gush of fragrant colognes  
doesn’t quench these volcanic  
spewy rage...  
.. & the until long  
politesse erected hips...  
{of a delicately in constrictions & in terrific  
sudden hairpin diversing curvaceous traverse  
 terrains all over now...} plead a curt destalking  
 un~ aesthetic break ..if those days of a breezy  
swaying acrobatic alchemy.. doesn’t replace  
the shrilly consternating skeletal sterns... in  
a porous blown dusts of its  
dulling truckle    
ears pierce  
from the inner mushrooming  
nuclear~ fission blackboom cloudy bombs  
..tremble as skyful vipers' venomous rattle...  
a big~ banging n-tonnage colliding giants  
of cacophonously tearing in tinnitus... in a  
wholly deafening collapse  
of the senses...  
wide eyes  
in a wishful forerunning demise  
fume under the invisibly splashing plasma  
of  corroding acidic rains… a blackout, by  
the liquescing guerrilla warfaring  
fingers crawl  
as forever attenuating long  
strain wiredraws...  refines in a search... a  
purpose... the live pyre of the basal sacral  
chakra fire..  crumbles the fragile dumbbell  
hourglass ticking frame... to discrete sand  
grain in the counts & accounts of err & sins..  
& the larger goodwill harmonies play music  
of redemptions- a miraculous amalgamating  
functional liberty  ..of rotten flesh in the dying...  
& those inspidly hinged  
meaningless vestiges)
[the incentred~பராசக்தி~ "The Supreme Power"  
as the daily  ‘dream dejavu' Awakening currents]
nights of the dejavu dreams come ornamental  
with the powering her..  a long? familiar woman…  
(who is as if in  
n-timely insertions into this spiralling space now..  
perhaps after decades of her real encounter.. she  
tonight offers my girls with umpteen new sequined  
frocks & gifts.. hold hands with my lighted bright eyes  
of the jubilant ever inner soul child …both flitter &  
flutter as erratic orbiting high  
red rustic butterflies..  
..spinning frolic  
in village fairs with those mouthful  
loads of vintage retro candies... the saccharine floss  
candies to the elastic~ forever watch-candies... to  
those saffronic syrupy~ spongy~ honey candies..  
& those jaw~ dismantling rockhard~ set peanut  
caramel ‘kamrakattu’ candy balls.. & also the fine  
fragmenting loose strands of the mounted golden~  
floury sugary flakes, selling each hot handfuls in  
small paper cones…the delicious  
'soan papadi'  
ahh.. so much endless divinities she takes me back  
who is she… I seem to feel I know her, yet I don’t...  
a long missing block in the abstruse bridging now...  
after all the bloody rife cracking innumerous gaps...  
of the illegibly torn chapters, in pretty perniciously  
amnesiac times & reasons...  
now is in a seamless suturing timeless one space..  
beckons the minute detailing yet a holistic pure ‘self’  
…in a magnificently magnifying dream dejavu-  
the   rebirths
>>inkling auguries of a thickly monsoon ‘rain’ brews<<
of those  
reckoning nights, when I was lost in the lusting  
wet moon~ romancing rounded nakedness of the streets rationally left me unperturbed in  
tangled turbulences  
..a dusky sparrow, I  
fly high to a hellish heightened deathly  
falls, for a forever scarring crashlanded touchdowns..  
fallen as thinning miniscule spherules~  stringing  
teardrops of a pureform rainfall
#32 #ERULGCT  
Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
#32 #ERULGCT.. a try to capture the feltness .. the wild raw riverine stream of consciousness..
the senses & the inner core of this yogic soul a transcendence an awakening... as it dawns...
#32 #ERULGCT.. a try to capture the feltness .. the wild raw riverine stream of consciousness..
the senses & the inner core of this yogic soul a transcendence an awakening... as it dawns from the past &/ amidst the darkness continuum.. as the Shakti, the Kundalini & more Ushering you name them.. in pureform rains.. of Truth, this our Love.. You Know. Robonid

pic: web. Mariusz Lewandowski Art
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