Roots and Wings

My mind demands to be rooted
My heart lusts for wings  
Timelessly, bewilderingly,
 mediating their differences of opinion. †

Mind said, †
donít do it. †
You know his type,  
heartbreak is inevitable.  
Youíre smarter than that.  
Heís not the one  

Heart said, †
Come on †
Love is risk.  
Take a chance.  
Your heart is stronger than you realize. †
He could be the one...  

Mind said,  
Youíve wasted enough energy in unhealthy,  
dead end relationships.  
You donít have time to waste.  

Heart said, †
You wasted enough time in loveless, †
one sided relationship. †
You donít have love to waste. †

I leapt...  




Survived, barely....  

When all was said and done,  
I lay on the bed. †
Reflecting upon the wreckage †
Reminiscing the magic †

Peering over at mind,  
Shivering, balled up, †  
in the corner.  
Having been shaken, †
manipulated, †
tormented, and terrified. †
Never again, †
she begs. †

Heart, walks towards the bed, †
bleeding, scarred,  
dragged through hell. †
Exhaustedly, wistfully, †
falls back on to the bed †
Worth it, she sighs. †
letís try again.... †

As we approach the door,  
Ready to face another day,  
I hesitate...  

Mind assures, †
Donít worry, weíve got this.  
Weíre wiser this time...  

Heart encourages,  
Baby girl, †
thereís a lost, †  
heartbroken soul,  
longing for the half that makes him whole.  
Do you really want to keep him waiting?Ē †

The three of us  
walk out the front door.  
Stepping into the big scary world, †
hand in hand,  
Full of †
Hope †
And never looking back...
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
Published | Edited 13th May 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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