Same Day Different Multiverse

Models of citizens,
Set against a cosmic eclipse,
The breath leaving your lips,
Resists and pulls us apart,
As far as the eye can see,
An endless sea of other me's,
Melding the multiverse together,
What doesn't happen here,
Happens somewhere else,
On Orion's Belt kicking rocks,
Oh how bad that turned out,
Our destiny locked into place,
Give me our stellar address,
And I will tell you how far we are,
To our closest nightmare,
Those suns writing me at night,
I might write back just die off,
There are worse existences,
You could of voted me president,
Regulating residents of evil society,
Regurgitated in all our glory,
Slumber in silenced counciousness,
Where do you even think we go?

I know, the dark place nobody talks about,
Sleeping on another plane of existence,
Looking into your eye's vision variance,
What would you do if up was down,
Pointing up when we're underground,
Try to sit still as a world spins around,
Bound to eternity with every passing second,
That feeling that every possible outcome,
Sequenced into eachother and intertwined,
There are darker futures and brighter skies,
Do not worry I am with you by your side,
Will be your guide in these troubled times,
Too many me now which mind is mine?
Interdimensional weary traveler,
I swear I'd lose my luggage if it wasn't attached,
Hit the pedal go vroom vroom,
My brood grooming gloomy,
Passing too many moons by,
Too many sunrises,
My shadow from the past,
Glancing back at myself,
Right back where I started,
I think it's pretty clear,
A journey into what I fear,
Where we're here to show you this,
In every space time continuum,
We get down like a savage animal,
Afraid to die but so romanced by it.
Written by glfinding (Steven Delauder)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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