Think About It

Why are babies being born already needing pills
Fish being caught with tumors in their gills
The truth is not full of complications
They are intentionally bent on this devastation

Hidden scientist in hidden labs
Has turned the earth into a junkie, needing rehab
The earth was made by cosmic design
Now these bitches are fucking shit with evil minds

Cross breeding shit that don't naturally breed
An apple isn't an apple, because they're fucking with the seeds
Let's take the food from here and move it over there
If these poor mouthing bitches die shit we don't care

Shit they had better do what we want, when we want
If we want them to dance, then they had better stomp
You see first we eliminate everything associated with a barter system
Make them pay for food and water, then we can really get them

Diseases that were once rare are now plentiful
They're in the lab making sure that they are plentiful
If you think that we are sacrificing our very own
Just remember that only so many can stand in the shadow of the throne

Survival of the fittest is just a saying
Who can produce the most diseases, are the ones that are staying
Don't eat creepy, crawly things, they eat of the diseases of the earth
But when it comes to medicines, where do they research first
Why would they explore deep ass caves for healthy forces
Instead of exploring the rain forest for medicinal sources
The blood is the the life of the fucking flesh
Let's data bank their ass, and see who passes the test

Fuck organ donors, motherfuck that shit
If the DNA match, lets take that shit
A homeless beggar on a corner is worth two million
Carefully dissected and auctioned, he's worth two billion

I told you from the onset that I'm of a radical mind
A poet on more genres. would be hard to find
I spit like this because it is so fucking easy
For those that don't know, my name is Mentality      
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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