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Little Bird

I use to have a song in my heart.
It was sweet, light, and playful.
I would fly about, singing my song,  
just soft enough for few to hear.  
You heard my song and stopped to listen.  
I noticed you coming closer, soaking  it in, watching with intrigue.    
Everyday you would come, lay your worries at my feet, and listen to me sing.  
We would laugh and play all day.  
Sharing our hopes, fears, and broken pieces of our souls.  
The rest of the world would fade away,  
while we wept together and dreamed of a future full of love and hope.  
Leaving our hearts aching when we would have to part.  
Pulling me close, you  whispered,  
Pretty bird, majestic creature,  
my love for you is deep, come home with me and forever share your song with thee.  
Each day our love grew stronger.  
And every night you would profess your love,  
My pretty  bird, my majestic creature, please don’t ever leave me,    
stay here loving me, forevermore.  
Now sing for me once more.  
Happily, I would sing,  
Anything to watch that smile brighten your face.  
Then one night, to my surprise,  
A smile I didn’t see.  
Shhh, not too loud! You hushed.  
I wouldn’t want someone to hear your song.  
They’ll take you away from me,    
keeping your song for themselves.  
The next day, you put me in a cage,  
fearful I might leave  
or be taken while you were away.  
I tried to prove my love to you and reassure you with my song,  
But rage and jealousy consumed you.  
Patiently I waited,  
hopeful for the day you would trust my deep devotion  
and free me from my cage.  
Every night I would sing  
to help you understand  
You can’t keep something you love  
locked up in a cage,  
for fear it might leave.  
Because fear and obedience gives only an illusion of devotion.  
Is it still love?  
Or does it turn into self preservation?  
And who wants a love like that?  
Control is not love.  
Control is not love,  
I would continue to sing.  
But as the days passed by,  
Your fear and cruelty only grew stronger  
And my song grew somber, over time.  
Loved ones would come along, seeing my pain,  
hearing the faint whispers of  my somber broken melody.  
Fearful that my voice would fade away,  
would open up my cage...  
Be free little bird,  
you don’t belong in this place.  
You are meant for greater things.  
Go sing your song, for all to hear,  
spreading  love and hope once more.  
But his little bird,  
broken spirit, shattered dreams,  
Had forgotten how to fly  
So In my cage, I stayed,  
fearful  to even try.  
He’d find me anyway...  
So in my cage I remained,  
accepting my fate.  
But over time my love began to fade.  
My patience for his antics was no more.  
And hope that he would change had died along side my voice.  
Mustering up the last of my strength,  
I found the will to fly away.  
But  my wings remained tattered and voice, still his.  
No matter how hard I tried,  
I was left haunted by memories of time spent with him.  
I found myself alone in my room, for days on end,  
 a prison of the world’s making,  
Trapped again, but freedom bloomed within,  
 for in my solitude, my wounds began to mend.  
Still broken, his words won’t let me rest  
Still fearful, paralyzed by nightmares he came  back to smother me with his “love”.  
Once again, I tried to sing  
Voice shaking,  
I couldn’t find my song  
Spirit fading.  
Hope almost lost  
Will I ever sing again?  
Standing on the ledge,  
Too scared to leap  
Despair reached out her hand to me,  
Offering to pull me down...
Out of desperation,  
I picked up the crayon  
Looking at the empty walls  
I knew what must be done....  
As the words covered the walls,  
pain flowed from the crayon...  
With each poem written, the weight on my wings lifted.  
And just like magic, his voice began to fade,  
My mind becoming mine again.  
With each story told,  
my voice growing stronger  
Forcing his noose around my life to loosen.  
Feeling inspired,  
passion ignited,  
purpose  and meaning clarified.  
I spread my wings,  
singing my song,  
loud enough for all to hear,  
and flew triumphantly out of the depths of hell...  
And this is the story of how poetry saved my soul...
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
Published | Edited 31st Jul 2020
Author's Note
I’ve had fragments of poems that I started when i was with him. I wanted to write about a caged bird but I guess while living in it, it was just too hard to finish. Also it would have lacked the hope...
I’ve had fragments of poems that I started when i was with him. I wanted to write about a caged bird but I guess while living in it, it was just too hard to finish. Also it would have lacked the hope and resiliency I like to weave through the pain when I write. But today, the words just leaked out of me. Clearly they had a message to get out...
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