Biting Artemis

In the gods he smiled knowingly
watching Artemis slip between tree  
flowing , her flight of arrow true
tunic & quiver, stag & meat  
not a sound but birds of peace  
Cyprus she calls willingly comfort  
gutting open sacrificial sustenance
javelin to side, two blades run  
knives of the light bringer, shining love
wrest for naught thine meat obtain  
Isle Of Delos, Brauron and little bears  
look on in mimic, souls that practice  
spartan actions worshiped word for warrior

Harry watched her attack without mercy  
biting the neck of her latest victim
screams from the gutter escaped  
whimpers, letting all breath loose
caught by grasp, squeezing throat
he had seen a dark edifice proclaimed
house of horrors, site of fright  
thoughts that were black in marquee  
horror held hold, hearkening childhood
lost in pages of comics, black and white movies
the movie ended, slow how he preferred  
catching credits folly and such  
sometimes his mind worked for studios  
other times drawing lines in rhyme
settling scores for action scenes
the rains came as he stepped outside  
soft patters from up above sedentary steel  
fedora smiles curve up his lip allure  
walking past dark alleys concrete cool
wears slight worry for one in shadow
hungry and fierce found creature of night  
she is ravenous as that scent pervades  
drawing the need deeper from within
she follows close allowing his musk
his mind on theater certain allegory
strides to clasp of hand piercing eye  
a man enraptured a man procure  
to his abode and furthered heights
(sound out)
was due her owed, like fallen god  
spawn of Hel once of high  
a goddess prized huntress divine
brought low cursed for man
mind-locked direction grips
sealing fates betwixt two  
alter and sacrifice, knife and kill
doorways to sky they enter
leaving crowds below, quietness, studio
how the outlook skyline arrives with light
the mix of ink between many blinks and twinkle  
not a star to wish upon only the imitated
bourbon she suggests, warmth for blood
highs before a swoon bend of swan
crazed sight as she lets him realize
where he stands in life the coming tide
gasped air one of last, a wrist covered slowly by mouth
sips of decadence wine warm worth
flows through vein and open mouth
wring the pallor to white boned china  
slathered wrist with sliced open nicks
torn open flesh borne connected one  
A neck turns offered as promise
wield in hand held so lovingly
she slinks back towards heaven
not once forgotten worships respite  
the days of yore, ways of balance
rest was right given with honor  
times that wound around her finger  
warmth of sun O how she remembers
slunk of man given lamb she thanks
letting him drift away so slowly away  
his mind to dream dragging him down  
to a hel she reigns his number she swells  
rank to file for future fight, another loved soldier
His javelin held firm to grasp
helmet of fire with eyes ablaze
his brothers in arms welcoming in


Written by souladareatease
Author's Note
For Graces Narrative Comp.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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