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The Kings' Conquest

Highland Court    
Dawn’s Early Light
King Raphael entered the grounds of Highland Court.    
Sephora’s eyes adjusted to a concentric castle of modern structure.    
The grayish cobblestone building dated back to the fourteenth century. Whereas, King Javiah’s castle sat atop a Crag, surrounded by a trench.    
King Raphael’s castle, erected with history, proudly stood on several acreage of untilled earth. King Raphael reined his horse and dismounted it. He outstretched his hands up and lifted Sephora off the saddle pad. King Raphael settled Sephora’s person.    
Sephora’s legs buckled under her.    
King Raphael steadied her person. He lifted the rein of his horse.    
“I apologize for the long journey.”    
“It’s fine, thank you.”    
Sephora smiled. She glanced around the outer ward, and then looked up as they walked the quiet court.    
The enceinte of the inner ward projected upward as far as the eyes can see.    
“You have a very lovely castle.    
“Thank you.”    
King Raphael and Sephora entered the inner ward of Highland Court.    
The Master of the Horse appeared.    
King Raphael handed him the rein of his horse.    
“This way, Sephora.”    
King Raphael and Sephora walked to a door made of metal.    
The butler opened the door.    
“Good evening Your Majesty.” He bowed and moved aside.    
Sephora was hesitant in entering.    
“Please,” King Raphael whispered in her ear from behind.    
Sephora entered King Raphael’s castle. She twisted her head in all directions.    
“Would you like a tour of my castle Sephora, since this will be your permeant residence?”    
“Yes please.”    
King Raphael lifted Sephora’s hand and kissed it.    
“You are a very beautiful and fair maiden, this court, and me is much honored to have you within these walls.”    
King Raphael leaned downward and kissed Sephora’s on the lips. He inched back and caressed her cheek. He grabbed a hold of her hand.    
Both entered the grand foyer of his castle.    
King Raphael stood in the arch of the doorway assessing Sephora’s physique from behind.    
“Is the lass content with the living quarters?”    
Sephora placed the solid gold brush down on the maple wood dresser. She turned around and faced 6 feet 3 inches of pure naked masculinity. His biceps and triceps defined the word brawny. His capacious chest wall gave dominance to a six-pack abdomen. A coffee-skinned tone complexion, aged as fine wine, without any imperfections. She looked up. His jet-black hair worn close to his head and faded on both sides.    
The twinkle in a pair of dark-brown brooding eyes interchanged as night and day.    
Sephora looked down at his royal family jewels; at the time pointing north and pending for physical integration.    
Maybe the switch from one kingdom to another was not a bad idea she thought.    
King Raphael’s eyes followed Sephora’s line of inspection.    
“I take it the comely lass has never been introduced to the physical art of pleasure.”    
“Ahhh no My’Lord.”    
Wow what a beautiful morsel to teach he thought.    
King Raphael entered Sephora’s royal apartment. His feet took him over in her direction.    
“I see men of the earlier century…ahh...hung in such inviting places.”    
“Pardon me lass.”    
“Pure masculine to admire My’Lord.”    
King Raphael smiled. He caressed Sephora’s cheek.    
“Are you really a witch?”    
He rubbed over her top lip.    
“Not…not by a remote chance.”    
“And you were not sent to spy on my court, because if so...”    
He rubbed over her bottom lip. He leaned his had downward and tenderly kissed her on the lips.    
King Raphael wrapped his arms around Sephora’s waist and drew her to his body. He kissed her on the side of her neck. He whispered in her ear, “I have known to be quite effective with a sword.”    
Hard body, lengthen manhood, what next.    
He stuck the tip of his tongue in her ear canal.    
Sephora’s body quivered behind the small act.    
King Raphael kissed the side of Sephora’s neck.    
Her body responses followed her gullible emotions.    
King Raphael slowly retracted his face. He looked down into Sephora’s eyes.    
“Such a waste to dispose of such a comely enemy.”    
“I am not a spy, or a witch.”    
“You will have countless nights proving just that fact to me.”    
“Pardon me My’Lord."    
King Raphael dipped his face. His lips arrested Sephora’s lips, bending her back in the process.    
Sephora gathered her arms around King Raphael’s neck and scooted closer. His leggings felt like silk against her gown. She scooted even closer. Her pelvis encountered a hard groin region.    
King Raphael recoiled his face.    
“Your lips taste of another time.”    
King Raphael’s lips subdued her speech.    
“Mmm,” two voices surrendered.    
King Raphael’s lips rose from off hers. He took a step back.    
“Ahh, what influences you have lass.” He clenched her chin and tilted her face. “But the works of your sorcery will not weaken my kingdom.” He looked down at her breasts spilling over her gown. “Or my flesh.”    
King Raphael gapped his presence.    
“You will remain behind closed door. I refuse to have you working your powers on my loyal subjects.”    
“I thought we establish the fact, I am not a witch, or a spy.”    
With those inviting lips, a tempting body, and seductive eyes, you could bewitch anyone he thought.    
“I will send a seamstress up here to prepare you for the festive feast tonight.”    
Sephora looked around the vastness of the royal apartment.    
“Am I a prisoner here?”    
“For now.”    
King Raphael backed up to the door. He pivoted to reach down for the door handle. He turned around and opened the door. He walked out the bedroom and pulled the door close.    
Sephora’s heard the skeleton key twist in the lock.    
“Dammit,” Sephora expressed.    
The Next Day
Sir Pious splashed water on his face. He appraised his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were reddened from a lack of sleep, and dreams haunted by Sephora’s voice.    
There was a knock at his door.    
Sir Pious wiped his hands on a towel and looked toward the door.    
His butler opened the door and entered Sir Pious’ sleeping quarters.    
“Sir Pious, your horse has been saddled.”    
“Thank you.”    
His butler stepped back and pulled the door close.    
Sir Pious looked over at his breast plate, leg armor, and mesh neck guard. He wanted more out of life than protecting the vultures and throne of a king; he wanted the soft hands of a wife, and heirs to his family legacy.    
“I see you have no practice in this.”    
“I suppose your spell will teach me.”    
“No, I will have the pleasure of that myself.”    
“You bewitch me Sephora.”    
“You have not seen anything yet.”    
“Your spell does not work on me. I will not be taken in by a sorcerer.”
“What the fuck am I thinking? That damn sorceress has meddled with the spaces of my mind.”    
Sir Pious walked over to a claw foot tub. He stepped into the warm depth.    
Highland Court    
Later That Day
“Hold in your stomach me lady.”    
Sephora did as instructed. Her diaphragm was compressed.    
“I cannot breathe.”    
The seamstress unloosed the strings to brown baroque renaissance gown.    
 “Is that better me lady?”    
Sephora inhaled and then exhaled.    
“Yes, thank you.”    
“You are very pretty, not like the stuffy ladies at court.”    
Sephora caught the seamstress’ eyes through the mirror.    
“Is the king betrothal?”    
“No. Trust me; he has had plenty of fair maidens to choose from.”    
“Does he have any concubines?”    
The seamstress thought about the question.    
“No, I thinks My’Lord is driven about this parliament alliance.”    
“I see.”    
“If I am needed my lady, my quarters are near the King’s Hall.”    
The seamstress bowed and walked to the door. She opened the steel gray door and walked out the royal apartment.    
Sephora held her breath.    
Thank goodness she did not hear the key turning in the lock.    
Sephora lifted the gown and tiptoed to the door. She placed her ear up to it. She took a deep breath and reached for the brass door handle; she twisted it.    
The door opened.    
“Thank you.”    
Sephora peeped her head out and looked both ways. She did not see or hear anyone stirring about. She stepped out into the dimly lit corridor. She pulled the door close, twisted the key in the lock and withdrew it. She slipped the key into the scooped neckline of the gown. She heard male voices in the hallway. She hid behind a wall and listened.    
“My’ Lord, what is it you wish me to do with the witch?”    
“At the moment nothing, she is a commodity at the time, and the spy who I sent to King Javiah’s court, will be an asset when I bring his monarch down to its knees.”    
Sephora covered her mouth.    
 “And the witch sir?”    
“Very comely to look at.”    
“And excuse me for saying My’Lord, but to bed.”    
Both men laughed.    
Sephora quietly moved to the spiral concrete stairwell. She made it down the winding stumble concrete steps. She looked both ways. She crept over to the reinforced studded door and opened it; she peeped out.    
A forest of green tress and a blanket of dense fog obstructed her immediate view. She lifted the side of her gown and fled the grounds of the castle.    
Edinburgh, Scotland
King Javiah paced his bedchamber.    
There was a knock at the door. He stopped his foot traffic and looked at the closed door.    
The door opened.    
His Master of the Horse entered King Javiah’s bedchamber.    
“Your Majesty your horse is ready.”    
“Thank you.”    
“Would that be all My’Lord.”    
His Master of the Horse bowed and stepped back. He pulled the door close.    
King Javiah walked over to the window. He looked out over his royal court grounds. He palmed his chin. He knew the woman Sir Pious rescued was a ruse, or according to his brother, a spy. Shit, maybe the beautiful witch was telling the truth, and she was there to help him figure out a way to overthrow his arch enemy, King Raphael.    
“England, the decree of its laws, and its parliament will be mine.”    
King Javiah turned from the window, walked over to the door, and opened it. He exited his bedchamber and pulled the door close.    
Drusilla looked out the castle’s oval window. She heard the hoofs of horses approaching.    
Sir Pious dismounted his horse.    
The other eleven knights duplicated his action.    
Sir Pious removed his face guard.    
All twelve men walked to the entrance of the castle.    
“I would love to use my feminine wiles on that good-looking specimen of a man.”    
Sir Pious walked the cool corroder of the king’s castle. He entered the Council Room, where he will most likely find the king musing over today’s meeting.    
King Javiah lifted his head from reading a law he was due to sign in order.    
“Sire.” Sir Pious bowed his head. “Permission to enter My’Lord.”    
King Javiah stood.    
“You may enter.”    
Sir Pious and the other eleven knights floated into the Council Room.    
Each knight seated themselves at the rounded table.    
Sephora’s feet hurt from walking on uneven terrain. She saw the mouth of a cave.    
“Yes shelter.”    
Sephora mustered the strength to hurry to the opening of the cave and entered. She wiped the perspiration from off her forehead with the back of her hand. She leaned against the wall and flopped down on the cold slab of concrete.    
“What I would give for a hot bath.”    
Sephora removed her French embroiled silk shoes and rubbed over her sore feet.    
“Please help me.” She looked around. “I have entered a mental nightmare.”    
She closed her eyes and willed her presence to the twentieth century. She heard an owl’s hoot in the far distance. She immediately opened her eyes.    
“Darn it, darn it, darn it.”    
Sephora slowly rose to her feet. She looked down at the suffocating gown. She reached behind herself and tugged on the knotted neck bow.    
The spaghetti strings slipped out the holes.    
Sephora unloosed the strings, and then shrugged her arms out the gown. The gown sagged under her breasts. She plaited her curly hair into an inverted braid.    
She pushed the gown down her legs and stepped out of it. She also removed the stomacher.    
“Now what.”    
Sephora positioned the gown and stomacher on the cool concrete and sat down on top of them.    
Highland Court
King Raphael smiled as he walked the corridor. He stopped in front of the royal apartment retaining the woman’s presence, whose pussy, he will use in the downfall of King Javiah’s monarch. He took a deep breath, reached down for the doorknob, and twisted it. He pushed the squeaking steel door open and entered.    
King Raphael looked around the empty royal apartment. He ran to the separate room for dressing.    
King Raphael slicked his hand back though his hair.    
“But how?    
He ran over to the small oval window and looked out onto his court.    
To scale the tower wall would be death who attempted.    
“There would be a price for a witch escaping my presence, and his castle.” He looked over at the invited bed and scowled. “So, King Javiah wants a fight for the witch’s hand, then that is what my army shall give to him.”    
King Raphael ran to the door, and out of the royal apartment.    
Edinburgh, Scotland    
“Your Majesty, I say Sephora…I mean the witch, should be brought to council here, for hearsay, before, we conclude she is a plant from King Raphael’s monarch.”    
“I agree My’Lord,” one of his knights injected.    
King Javiah palmed his chin.    
“If we fail in rescuing this witch from King Raphael, then there will be an ensuing war, which will bring swift death.”    
Sir Pious wanted to bring the witch to counsel for his own selfish reasons.    
“We will fight to the death Your Majesty, and I say the witch is our only hope of bringing down King Raphael’s monarch.”    
“There has to be another way.”    
“If we do not unite this parliament or uphold the laws of this monarch. I am for certain there will be an overthrowing of this monarch. I say the people cannot stand to be taxed again or lose any more of their land from the consequences,” Sir Pious added.    
King Javiah palmed his goatee down.    
“Sir Pious, my loyal and most trusted knight. Suppose we do capture this…this witch once again. What will be the initial plan, other than putting her before a council for hearsay, sorcery, and now, treason?”    
There were scant whispers among his loyal subjects.    
“Treason Your Majesty?”    
“Do you really think King Raphael, will allow a prisoner, and I mean a lovely lass to escape his clutches. I say, he has armored her with false information, only to be used against my kingdom.”    
Each knight looked at one another.    
“I never thought of that Your Majesty.”    
Sir Pious stood and bowed. He hit his breastplate    
“We will set out at nightfall and comb the ends of the earth until we find this woman.”    
Each knight stood.    
“We ride out before dawn’s early light.” Sir Pious announced. “Therefore, eat, and rest men.”    
Each knight walked to the door. Sir Pious was the last knight to depart the Council Room.    
Sephora was shaking. He bones were cold, she was hungry, and the gown covering her legs provided little warmth throughout the night. She now regretted she left the comforts of King Raphael’s castle.    
She flipped the covering aside, and slowly rose to her feet. Her legs gave away from sitting on the harden surface of the cave’s floor. She palmed the wall for support and moved along the darken cave. She made it to the entrance.    
Sephora looked up.    
A field of stars continued to dance like tiny diamonds in the blue sky.    
Sephora took a deep breath, and made a gradual descend from the mouth of the cave. She needed to find water, food, and warmer shelter. She squinted her eyes to a berry bush several feet from her.    
Sephora rushed over to the tree. She rose on the balls of her feet; she grabbed a handful from off the bed of a vine and greedily stuffed them into her mouth.    
The ground shook beneath her.    
Sephora dropped the remaining berries and twisted her head in all directions. She looked around for a shied to conceal her presence. She ran over to a boulder size rock and sheltered her presence.    
Sir Pious and the other knights made a pilgrimage through the dense fog. Sir Pious’ horse galloped to a steady trout.    
Each knight drew their sword.    
Sir Pious reined his horse to a stop. He motioned with his raised fist for the other knights to stop. Sir Pious looked around. He dismounted his horse and walked away. He scanned his surroundings.    
He thought he heard heaving breathing of a foe or an ally.    
Sephora placed her hand over her mouth. She held her breath in fear of breathing.    
Sir Pious sniffed the air.    
“Come out you witch.”    
Sephora crawled away from the boulder backwards. Her long bloomers got caught under the tip of her toes.    
Sephora pulled the bloomers up her thighs.    
The tip of a sword welcomed her skin.    
Sir Pious gently rubbed the tip of his sword along Sephora’s shoulder blade.    
“If you move you die.”    
“I will not move.”    
Sir Pious let out a loud whistle.    
The other knights mounted their horses and galloped away.    
“Wait, where are they going?”    
“A ruse, in case they are ambushed along the way.”    
He rubbed the tip of his sword slowly along her shoulder blade again.    
“No one will capture this witch, other than me.”    
Sephora pivoted her head upward.    
“I am not a witch, and if you were not so pig-headed you will come to realize that.”    
Sir Pious lifted his sword and slid it down into its scabbard.    
“On your feet lass.”    
Sephora attempted to stand.    
“My legs are weakened from sitting too long. Could I get some assistance?”    
“If you cast a spell on me. I will slay you.”    
“I will try to be nice.”    
Sir Pious flipped his face guard back and stooped over to lift Sephora. He adjusted her up in his arms.    
Sephora linked her arms around Sir Pious' neck and snuggled closer.    
“Why is the king looking for me?”    
“Because he has sent someone who would not be fooled by your lovingness.”    
“You think I’m lovely?”    
“Uhh.” He looked at her lips. “You are as any comely lass in the king’s court.”    
“So, you think I’m comely.”    
Sir Pious looked into Sephora’s eyes.    
“You’re not going to give up, are you?”    
“Not until you are honest enough to answer my question.”    
You are very beautiful, sweet smelling and I hope I get past the point to show you he thought.    
“There are much lovelier lasses at the court. You are no different.”    
Sephora remained silent after his affirmation.    
Sir Pious placed Sephora on his horse. He mounted and settled behind her. He grabbed a hold of his reins and flanked his horse.    
Edinburgh, Scotland
King Javiah heard a pounding knock at his door. He placed the map he was down the table. He rushed across his bedchamber, and over to the door to open it.    
“King Javiah.”    
His butler was out of breath; he managed to bow before the king….    
“What is it?”    
“There is a message that King Raphael has crossed the border and is now on the soil of Cromwell.”    
“Has Sir Pious and his men returned.”    
“There has not been a word of his return.”    
“Shit.” He looked at his butler. “I need you to get word to prepare my army for imminent war.”    
The butler bowed, turned, and rushed down the corridor.    
King Javiah rushed into a separate room used for changing.    
King Raphael looked across the moat. King Javiah’s castle sat on the crest of a mountain.    
King Raphael held his hand up for his first knight to join him by his side.    
“Yes, My’Lord.”    
“How in the fuck do you suppose we get across that channel, and then up that alp?”    
His knight looked up at the top of King’s Javiah’s castle.    
The ominous backdrop of the clouds looked threatening.    
“We will try the other side My’Lord.”    
Sir Armorld circled his finger. His mounted knights spread out around the towering cobblestone defense brick wall.    
Sir Pious released his reins. Sephora opened her eyes.    
“Where are we?”    
Sephora looked around. Nothing but a vast stretch of green land welcomed her eyes.    
“You will remain here until you are returned to King’s Javiah court.”    
“Where is here?”    
“This is Groveland, my estate.”    
Sir Pious dismounted his horse.    
Sephora looked around. She focused her sights back on Sir Pious.    
“Your residence?”    
“Yes, and my residence staff has been briefed in regard to your treason.”    
“Treason? What must I do, to advise you I am not a witch, nor have I committed treason?”    
“No, you are just a convincing sorcerer, who would most likely bed any man for him not see through your ruse.”    
 “Not to worry, I do not have you in mind, now maybe King Javiah or King Raphael; those two are real men to bed.”    
Sir Pious reached up and angrily grabbed onto Sephora’s hips. He lifted her from off his horse and clumsy settled her feet on the soft bed of grass.    
“Once both men come to know you are nothing but a pretty face, pretty body, and smell like the nectar of a sweet flo…”    
Sephora leaned forward and captured Sir Pious' lips in the middle of his sentence.    
Sir Pious cupped her face and intensified the kiss.    
Sephora inched her face back.    
“What were you saying?”    
Sir Pious looked down at Sephora’s lips.    
“You are trying to bewitch me,” he whispered, his eyes never left hers.    
“It is no middle ground with you.”    
“I’m afraid not, let’s go.”    
Sir Pious gently pushed her forward. He met his Master of Horse at the steel gray door.    
“Will you be venturing out later Sir Pious?”    
Sir Pious looked over at Sephora.    
“I will make a brief appearance to see King Javiah after sunset.”    
Sir Pious' messenger ran up to him.    
“Sir Pious, I was to give you a message; King Raphael and his army of men is preparing to strike King Javiah’s kingdom.”    
“Shit! Prepare my horse for travel at once.”    
His Master of the Horse took hold of the reins of his horse and rushed away.    
Sir Pious looked over at Sephora. He turned to face his messenger.    
“Have my butler to attend to Sephora in the guest’s bedchamber, but under no circumstances is she allowed to roam these grounds unchaperoned.”    
“Yes, Sir Pious.”    
His messenger walked away.    
Sir Pious turned to walk away.    
Sir Pious turned back around to face Sephora. He walked back to where she stood.    
“I’m going to see you again, right?”    
“A comely lass after my heart. Do you want to see me again?”    
“You have not given me the proper chance to bewitch you, remember.”    
“That I would love to see happen.”    
“Please watch yourself and be safe in your travels.”    
“I suppose you want me to kiss you, to see if that bewitching heart of yours will work on me.”    
Both erased the gap quickly.    
Sir Pious blanketed Sephora’s lips. He gently twined his tongue around hers. He pulled her closer to his breastplate.    
“Umm,” both muttered under their breath.    
Sir Pious slowly inched his face back.    
“I suppose, I will have to have faith to believe you will await my return.” He stroked her cheek.    
Sephora looked back at Sir Pious’ castle. She faced him.    
“Yes, as long as you come back.”    
Sir Pious stole a quick kiss to Sephora's lips. He stepped back, turned around, and walked to the stables.    
Edinburgh, Scotland Soil    
Sir Pious’ horse galloped through a blanket of dense fog. His mind continued to stray to Sephora.    
“Thinking about bedding a witch, could be the death of me.”    
Sir Pious ducked as an arrow whizzed past him, striking his horse in the side. His horse winched and drew on its hind legs.    
Sir Pious fell backwards off his horse.    
His horse galloped away.    
Sir Pious sprung to his feet and drew his sword out its scabbard. He looked around in all directions. The back hairs on his neck lifted. He heard branches being crushed under the weight of someone approaching.    
“We meet again.”    
“Come out and face your death like man.”    
Sir Armorld pushed a suspended tree branch aside and came into view. He drew his sword out its sheath.    
“I always thought, you never deserved the comforts of a beautiful lass, even if she is a witch. Once My’Lord has tired with the likes of her curvaceous body. It will my bed she craves to be in.”    
“Over my dead body.”    
“Then prepare to meet your maker.”    
Sir. Armorld lifted his sword.    
Both men ran up to each other.    
Sir Pious, countermoveed with a jousted movement of Sir Armorld’s blade.    
Both men blades entwined.    
“Too bad dead men can’t talk or fuck,” Sir Pious spit out.    
Both men pushed back off the other.    
Sir Pious lifted his sword, his foot movement and the swift calculations of his sword forced Sir Armorld backwards.    
Sir Armorld blocked Sir Pious’ blade from a point of entry into his neck mesh guard.    
Sir Pious kicked Sir Armorld in his groin. He inched back and jabbed the tip of his sword forward, striking past Sir Armorld’s mesh guard.    
Sir Armorld looked down. He arched his eyebrows at the blood saturating his mesh and then his breast plate. His grip loosed on the hilt of his sword.    
Sir Pious lifted his sword and swiftly sliced it across Sir Armorld’s neck. He turned at the ghastly site.    
Armorld’s headless body slumped downward and then forward, meeting the bed of earth.    
Sir Pious slipped his bloody sword back into the scabbard on his hip. He grabbed his upper arm and pressed on the bleeding open gash his upper arm. He looked down at Armorld.    
“Shit, Sephora.”    
Everything began to spin in slow motion. His head moved side-to-side. He took a couple of steps and collapsed.    
Two Days Later
Sephora bathed Sir Pious’ wounds down with a minty herbal salve the Nurse maid left with her. She placed the jar down on a table near his bed. She traced over the elevated battle scars on his chest wall. She leaned down and kissed over his chest. She kissed over his powerful triceps and biceps. She inched the covers up.    
The curiosity in her caved the attention of his flaccid manhood.    
She allowed the cover to drop. She looked down and studied his facial features. She traced over his ashen face, his angular strong jawbone. His walnut-skin tone complexion to the faint scar above one of his thicken eyebrows. She traced down the bridge of his nose.    
A faint whisper of a five o’clock shadow showcased his handsome features.    
“I need you to wake up, I know you’ve lost a lot of blood, but however, if I am to cast this spell over you, it’s not any fun, if you are not here to comply.”    
She outlined his top lip with a finger.    
Sir Pious gripped Sephora’s hand. She tried to retreat it. He gripped it tighter; the hold slowly lapsed its intensity.    
Sir Pious slowly opened his eyes. He looked up into Sephora’s eyes. He tried to sit up.    
“Easy now.”    
His head hit the feather pillow.    
“Please do not move too much. You’ve lost a lot of blood.”    
“How did I get here?”    
“Your horse made it back here…ahhh...I got… Your…your other knights gathered for a search party. You were delirious about time they got you here.”    
“Where is my horse? I have to protect the king.”    
Sir Pious attempted to sit up again.    
“Aww,” he winched out in pain.    
He grabbed his upper arm.    
“What have you done to me?”    
“Pardon me.”    
“You have cast a spell on me. I could not even lift my striking arm.”    
He pushed her out the bed.    
Sephora landed backwards on the floor. She sat up and rubbed her arms.    
“That was not very nice.”    
“Get out of my presence. If King Raphael wants you. He could have you.”    
Sephora got to her feet. She thumbed her hips.    
“Is this how you really feel about me?”    
Sir Pious looked Sephora’s body up and down.    
He wanted her with a hunger, but to want her, he knew it would be treason against the king.    
“Very well then.”    
Sephora lifted her gown and walked to the door. She paused before opening the door.    
“We will meet in another lifetime, Sir Pious.”    
“Leave me witch.”    
The comment hurt.    
Sephora opened the door and walked out.    
Sir Pious’ eyes fluttered close.    
Sir Pious removed Sephora’s gown. He joined her in the bed. He positioned himself between her thighs. He leaned down and kissed her breast nipple.    
Sephora palmed the sides of Sir Pious’ face and brought it down inches from her.    
“I love you Sir Pious.”    
Sir Pious kissed Sephora’s lips slowly. His tongue traveled down. He kissed her under her chin.    
“You smell lovely, and you are so beautiful.”    
“Make love to me Sir Pious.”    
Sir Pious licked over a breast nipple.    
Sephora sucked in her breath.    
Sir Pious kissed a path down her stomach. He dipped his tongue inside her navel.    
“Oh,” Sephora moaned out.    
“I want to make you mine.”    
Sir Pious opened Sephora’s thighs wider. He leaned his head downward and kissed the mound of her pussy.    
Sephora grabbed the cover in her hands.    
Sir Pious kissed over the lips shielding the opening of her womanhood.    
Sephora’s head came off the pillow.    
Sir Pious stuck a finger inside of her. He kissed around the opening. His finger ventured farther. He took it back out and put it inside his mouth. He leaned down and licked over her clitoris. He suckled it.    
“Sir...Pious…do not make me wait.”    
Sir Pious stuck the tip of his tongue inside her pussy.    
“Oh, sweet mercy. Why are you tutoring me?”    
His tongue darted in and out of her.    
Sephora palmed Sir Pious’ head and pushed his head down on her pelvis.    
Sir Pious extended his hands upward and palmed her breasts.    
Sephora encased the sides of Sir Pious’ face between her thighs.    
“Sir...Sir Pious.”    
She arched her back as his tongue unmercifully thrashed inside of her pussy.    
Sir Pious withdrew his tongue. He kissed her inner thigh. He slowly rose while riding his tongue up her body. He kissed a breast nipple, under her chin, and then her lips. He nudged open her inner thighs with his.    
Sir Pious cupped his dick. He rubbed it up and down the opening of Sephora’s pussy.    
“You’re so wet and ready for me.”    
Sir Pious leaned down and kissed the side of Sephora’s neck. He palmed her buttocks and inched the fatten tip of his engorged manhood inside of her.    
“Aww,” Sephora moaned. Her vaginal muscles tightened.    
“Relax,” he whispered in her ear.    
He darted his tongue inside her ear canal.    
Sephora’s body trembled.    
Sir Pious’ manhood surged farther. He kissed Sephora’s lips. He released his hands from under her buttocks and held her hands above her head; he shoved the length of his manhood inside of her.    
“Oh… Sephora, you will always be mine.”    
He never expected the inside of a woman to feel so wet and tight at the same time. He leaned down and kissed a breast nipple. He trapped the nipple inside his mouth and suckled it; he rammed his manhood inside her faster and farther; caressing the inner core of her femininity.    
The feeling of his body, sinking within itself, met with undiluted pleasure.    
Sir Pious looked down into Sephora’s face. He kissed over her closed eyes.    
“I love you Sephora.”    
Sephora opened her eyes. She leaned her face up.    
Sir Pious kissed her lips.    
“Make…oh Sir Pious...”    
Sir Pious palmed the wall.    
His dick drilling inside of her weakened her statement.    
“Oh…Sephora…you will always be…shit.”    
Sir Pious threw his head back.    
A monstrous ejaculation ripped his body.    
“Oh…I love...”    
His release swarmed inside Sephora’s pussy.    
She pulled him down on top of her. Her climax crashed into the aftermath of his cum.    
Sir Pious looked down.    
“I love you.”
The image of Sephora slowly faded away.    
Someone was banging on the door.    
Sir Pious opened his eyes.    
He looked around his empty bedchamber.    
Someone pounded on the door again.    
Sir Pious maneuvered his body to a half-sitting position.    
“Come in.”      
His butler walked in.    
“Sir Pious, the woman who has been attending to your injuries has taken it upon herself to take possession of one of your thoroughbreds, several food items, and covering.”    
Sir Pious tried to roll over to get out the bed. He grabbed his upper arm.    
“Shit,” he winched out. “Saddle my horse. I need to get a message to the king.”    
“Sephora has taken care of delivering a message about your unfortunate interaction with Sir Armorld. She was the one who saddled the same thoroughbred she has stolen to come and search for you.”    
“I thought my knights set out to find me.”    
“She waited for your knights. When no one’s presence was accounted for. The lass took it upon herself to set out to find you.”    
“How did I get up here?”    
“Your knights met her on her path to locate you. Sir Pious, you were insane with speaking of Sephora, and... excuse me for repeating...but her becoming your bride. The poor lass took pity on you and has been at your bedside while you convalesce.”    
Sir Pious looked around his bedchamber.    
“Have you looked in her bedchamber?”    
His butler cleared his throat.    
“Sir Pious, Sephora has laid by your side throughout the night.”    
Sir Pious looked down at the unoccupied feather pillow. He lifted the pillow; his nostrils engulfed the scent of her person.    
“Have my horse saddled.”    
“Your horse…was unfortunately put down.”    
“Shit.” Sir Pious ran his hand through a river of natural waves. He cupped his chin down. “Dammit, get me any horse.”    
“Would you like to get word to your knights for a search party of the lass sir?”    
“I will address this issue alone and keep what has transpired between Sephora and me between us men.”    
“It will never be mentioned again, sir.”    
His butler stepped back and pulled he door close.    
Sir Pious laid back against the feather pillow. His cover felt wet. He reached down and felt his manhood. He pulled his hand out.    
A glob of cum dripped from his hand. His body shuddered after thinking back to the dream about him and Sephora.    
“The witch has bewitched my manhood.”    
Wait until he catches up with her.    
Sir Pious searched several villages within Cromwell. He came upon a clearing. He dismounted his horse and tied it to the bark of a tree. Sir Pious walked to edge of an embankment. He dropped to his knees and cupped the water into his palms. He took a refreshing sip. He looked around.    
Sephora walked the winding path.    
The two jugs of water she has been hauling from the river had her arms sore.    
She sat them down and wiped the sheen from her face. She heard something moving behind a curtain of tree branches.    
The footsteps were getting closer.    
Sephora lifted the two jugs and slowly backed up. She looked behind her.    
The abandoned château she was resting her presence at was less than one hundred feet away.    
A wild Boar crossed her path. The wild Boar stopped and pivoted to look at her. He grunted.    
“Down boy.”    
Sephora inched backwards.    
The wide Boar slowly advanced. Sephora dropped the two jugs, turned around, and ran.    
The Boar gained speed.    
Sephora looked back.    
“Help me.”    
Sir Pious heard a woman screaming.    
Sephora tripped and fell over a rock. She covered her face. She heard a thump. She lifted her hand from off her face slowly.    
The Boar with an arrow through his side rested at her feet. She turned away from the sickening sight.    
“Such a pity you could not bewitch a Boar.”    
Sephora smiled at the voice approaching from behind.    
Strong arms went under her arms and settled her to her feet.    
“Are you alright.”    
She turned to face Sir Pious.    
“Yes, and I did not need any assistance.”    
“That is not what appeared to me.”    
“Could I help you with something?”    
“I have been asked by the king to return you to Cromwell by nightfall.”    
“That’s funny. The message I had delivered to King Javiah, was his most trusted knight. Will convalesce from an injury he sustained defending the king’s territory from King Raphael’s highest knight.”    
Sir Pious looked at Sephora.    
“Therefore, you may return in a day to deliver me.”    
Sephora turned and walked away.    
Sir Pious naturally followed. He looked down at Sephora’s derrière.    
“I apologize to the beautiful lass, for my earlier tongue.”    
Sephora stopped and turned around.    
“That’s strange for a knight to apologize to a witch. Aren’t you just a little frighten regarding me casting a spell on you?”    
“I will take my chances.”    
Sephora blushed.    
“Would you be so kind and haul those two jugs for me.”    
Sir Pious looked over Sephora’s shoulder at the abandoned château.    
“Yes.” He bowed at Sephora, turned, and headed in the direction from where he traveled.    
Sir Pious walked to where the Boar laid. He dropped his crossbow at his feet. He knelt at the Boar’s side and removed his arrow from out the bleeding flesh. He broke it into and tossed it aside. He removed a Dirk from his side and skillfully gutted the stomach. He removed several heaps of organ meat.    
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 9th May 2020
Author's Note
This is a chapter from one of my many published novels. I will be adding a chapter as fitting to celebrate life in general.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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