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Image for the poem ... An Ode to Soara

... An Ode to Soara

折る... An Ode to Soara

taper; smash clay;
pour the paper mache'  
Ass eye pLay your Origami...  
Lust sashay; just attacashe  
Win pen behold; twin then re-mold Lee soul intwo halves reshaping a whole...  
Lee pen drew crafts; she blend two paths;  
WE Taping a fold...  
Lee promised he would be Soara's Origami...  
She should thank his papi or his mommy...  
Hence rinse  
Since he grayed the old head;  
Sense she laid the gold lead  
Pen in bed;  
She folded under pressure in bold REaD...  
;;;bLEEding sea storm; reading Lee poem  
beyond measure;  
She dawn pleasure;  
Sea pond treasure  
While sir Ink leaking;  
her pink peeking;  
Now she's speaking Japanese...  
freak sing;  
👏 clap hand please;  
Take a pic of this bic  
Snap and freeze...  
Fake a lick love his trick  
Trap and tease...  
Taste the lips; hug his dick  
Perhaps tramp ease trapeze...  
Stampede; amp read 📜 hold nice scroll...  
Won million times roll dice/coal  
Ice C💎LD...  
Role told mold once soaked;  
sum broke  
two fold old soul;  
Sew knew gods showed id;  
new kids prose slid; true bods posed grid  
Win vows make then bows break nods owed hid  
Eve.n. ass odds flowed lid...  
SeW Eye refolded white sheets...  
A little "love bird" told me two write tweets...  
Pen map plan please in Japanese...  
It just sew happen knees are at ninety degrees...  
Eye fold; she lays; eye hold; she sprays...  
She praise while Lee preys; she prays...  
Ass she whispers into the mic like eYE LLike...  
She folds my scrolls asS EyE WritE...  
eye sight Calligraphy mixed width pornography of Japanese art...  
Stupid Cupid snap pen; seize dart...  
He's smart;  
Won threw heart til last breath  
Or past death we due part  
Two start up scripts creek  
Knew art;  
Yup; R.i.P.S. sheet!..  
Shits deeep;  
She bore ore for shore...  
She notions emotions;  
Tsunami potions for sure...  
Next door; sex tour  
Explore her aura like Dora...  
Pen sees her soul; then crease her fold;  
write Soara...  
Two souls pen the clash in a flash like kamikaze...  
eye figure 8's resemble skates "we" symbol  
Coma; cause she  
Loves me...  
*Thank you Soara for your in(K)spiration!..  
Poem response to; "Be my origami..."
Leethal 5.7.2020  
Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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