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In the stocks


There isnít much room to move when your banged up in the stocks, freezing cold and naked, with balls like frozen rocks.

The door swings wide and in she strides, the Dom who rules you all, you are one of many, to her whims we have to crawl

She comes so very close to you, your heartbeat picks up pace, you get a stroke along your chin, then a slap across the face

Dressed in all Black leather, boots to reach her thigh, for your Dom youíll do anything, for your Queen youíd simply die

She wanders around the back, you get a friendly pinch, enough pain to let me know sheís there, not enough to make you flinch

She picks up the long black riding crop, it passes across your eyes, she shows whatís gonna cause the pain, as she taps it on her thighs

You feel her drag it down your spine, the end runs down your crack, then she pauses to see your fear, before you get a whack

Heat Sears across your arse, you knew it was on itís way, but every stroke is different, regardless of how you play

The leather tip bites at you, thereís power in her swing, snap goes the crop again, you feel its mighty sting

The tip goes along your arse, she makes it touch your balls, with a flick of her wrist a world of pain, has you bouncing off the walls

That made you suck in air, but you must never shout or moan, youíve been chosen by the Queen, youíve got her on your own

No begging for the chance to prove that you are her favourite slave, a chance to sit at your ladies feet, the place you really crave

So suck it up and take the pain, let her have her way, let her beat you mercilessly to her itís only play

Then she pulls off her long black gloves, her claws drag in your back, blood runs freely down your skin, leaving nail torn tracks

The there us a little pause, then you hear some buckle snap, then you feel the lube go on, itís cold and feels like crap

Now she has her strap on, itís time to fuck your bum, this is the part you hate the most but you knew this time would come

She put the tip on to your ring, she bangs that strap on home, fucked by her phallic cock, it is her plastic bone

Pounding her Submissive for all shes worth, power turns her on, she dont care if it hurts or not her Mistress mask is on

You must take it all tonight, your shackled nice and tight, struggle with all your strength young Sub, your bodies hers tonight

Beaten, bloodied, buggered you can take no more, you slump to your knees still in the stocks, your arse is very sore

The Mistress can see that you are beat, your body looks like shit, you are hoping for some kind of reprieve instead you get a hit.

You push yourself back on your feet, your arse is in the air, she takes a paddle to you, by now you just dont care.

The pain is just one constant ache, your brain ran out the door, trying to find a safer place, where youíll be hit no more

But no matter where you send your brain, the pain just drags you back, the sting of the bull whip crashes on your back

Now she places a seat in front of you, now you watch her wank, whilst all the time praising her and for the beating you must thank

Once she polished her Pearl enough, she cums upon her hand, you must suck her fingers off it is your Doms command

All the hurt and pain youíve had, the blood, the dick the strife is all a part of lifes tapestry when you got a Dominatix for a wife


Written by averageJoe69 (Ron Summers)
Author's Note
Beaten in the stocks
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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