Image for the poem ~of the forever birthing Chaos,  L O V E

~of the forever birthing Chaos,  L O V E


mysterious in formations... the
tri~ striped pitch-black clouds...

(over the already hazily off-whitish
mesh of a filamentous fungi skies...
..murmurous under the diffusing
dimly pervasive lights... of a smeary
vulnerable naked papery moon... in
tumescent holds of a deepen depth
the secretive craters are fallen unto)

are the sharpened ‘trishul’ weaponry
elongating its streaky warring traces
that these onlooking prone eyes imbibe..

sooner in decongregations... to a peace
of clarifying space of nothingness now

happens so sooner... to the disbelieving
eyes... which seems to virally contract the
impacting hazy chaos of the sprawling sky

eyes... these eyes are now... mere rounded
up balls of blurriness... that’s somehow in a
strangely inner captivation... to be in a tight
capture... by the now fully in awakening, the
scotopic twilightic blooms of the digging
hard retinal rods..

...even in the blaring aloud living daylights
they morph as the intense sunblind glares
of the fiery scissoring hot “agni natchathiram”
summer days of a redhot forest
flaming fire

it’s here to stay...

the destiny of a beautiful chaos...

[the harbinger of a pre~ orgasmic arousal
in pheromonal petrichor emanating bursts...
a drizzly micro~ blotting wetness sets in... as
each nano~ piercing ‘trishul’ of pencilling in
rainlets... explode in n-probabilistic bombastic
avenues... of incrementally abrasive emery zone
in an overwhelmingly painpleasure
deltaic drain

the unabashedly sloshing lagoon catchments
pool up unto love~ brims through the mouthing
rapidity of frothy foaming
impulsive estuaries...

unto Love, an open wide unconditionally natural
& wild uproarious sea of tiding
tsunamic ecstasy]

the so~ dimming mellowing yellow afternoons
of the tightlipping sultry pregnant buds... cracks
open in a relaxing ooze of paining contractions
 ..lashes out the amniotic sacs to
flowering births

the such discrete & plasmic simultaneity.. of this
labour of Love.. is the destined sacred conception
of a Chaos.. Love

milky rains outpour... from pitch-black impulses

‘i am in the composite birthing forever...’

(…breaking shackles of the passage~ petrified
adamantine  greys, in its monitor-lizardous grips..

~nostrils finally feel in reliefs of the congested
bitter urbanities in lethal chlorination dosages

~all they now deeply inhale are the crisp sundried
wafty fragrance of the cottony clothes afloat fresh just crushed essence of the damask rose petals

..& now, there’ this a diamond moment, a delicate
movement .. a so~ constant~ stud of a temple sweat
prismatic pure droplet... neither frozen or in flows...’s also when the ancient bells of a sonorous note
..sorta those of the high altitudinal Tibetean Buddhist
monk monasteries...  of an ice-cream man... in a slow
typa chuggy diesel monorail mimicking vehicle...
rings now)


Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
#30 ERULGCT.. just the raw uncut wild flow of a glowy flow.. of the elemental sync & aligns in ~of ~ for Love.. You Know. Robonoid . Love You & All Du xx

pic: Fusion Work .. of web images....
#30 ERULGCT.. just the raw uncut wild flow of a glowy flow.. of the elemental sync & aligns in ~of ~ for Love.. You Know. Robonoid . Love You & All Du xx

pic: Fusion Work .. of web images. self.
Base painting is of Johan Christian Claussen Dahl, 'Moon kveld over Dresden', 1827.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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