Born Free

A baby fell to earth one day
and wondered “why?” and “who?”
The System said “Nah, never mind that
you’ve lots of things to do”
“new cog is here” claimed Politics
“you owe Arrival Tax,
the rate is ninety-nine percent
the rest keep to relax”
“new patient’s here” the Medics cried
“we need you to be ill,
our vaccines will make sure of that,
injecting now … Lie Still!”
“new baby’s here” the Family cooed
“we want you in our game,
so be like us in all you do
to show we’re all the same”
“new pupil’s here” the Teachers taught
“now sit still, learn, take test,
the pass-rate’s ninety-nine percent
so there’s no time to rest”
“new sinner’s here” Religion yowled
“you need us for salvation,
we’ll guide your soul right down a hole
in truth annihilation”
“new worker’s here” the Factory buzzed
“we’ve low-paid work today,
you’ve got the job of three to do
so there’s no time to play”
“new soldier’s here” the Military shrieked
“we’ve lots of wars to fight,
the rate’s one-hundred-and-one percent
you’ll rest in peace tonight”
“new victim’s here” the Bankers hissed
“let’s slave you into debt
so here’s a loan with interest
indebting you ‘till wrecked”
then spoke the one who fell to earth
“I’ve only just popped out,
don’t hassle me with all that stuff
or else I’ll scream and shout”
The System said “We’ll have your life
our appetite is vast,
you’re next in line to feed us now
and sure won’t be the last”
the one who fell to earth that day
said “Oh but don’t you see,
if you need me I’m stronger than you
that’s why I am born free
The System’s face turned red with rage
“we’ll show you who is boss,
we’ll fine you plus you’ll go to jail
and that will be the cost”
the one who fell to earth that day
said “kill me if you must,
I’ll be myself no matter what -
a Higher Force I trust”
The System was confused at this
and called its henchmen near,
“how can we eat this person up?
they simply have no fear”
the one who fell to earth that day
lay silent, still, and free,
in time The System went away
the little one did stay to play
and kept on playing every day
to live a life born free.
Written by Josh (Joshua Bond)
Author's Note
Written for my grand-children ...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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