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The Resiliency of Our Sun

I stood bestowed with an unmistakable indication of resiliency.

As the Sun proclaimed, " Farewell, my beautiful day "!
 Without haste, she began her descent behind my mountain, to rejuvenate for the fresh morrow.
Kissing lightly, every tree adieu for the day. Nurturing all of the Day creatures, one last time before they slumber into the twilight.
Lingering her outstretched rays over our Gaia. Leaving in her prominence, a fading existence of her esprit onto the floors of the mountain's valleys.
Caressing the gullies and shoulders of the rolling highlands, bestowing to them an allegorical and lengthy embrace.
As the Sun transitions into the evening's Sunset, she proceeds to descend behind my own mountain.
Sunset, waving a good evening to the climbing and eternal, enchanting silhouettes.
The Shadows are ascending from the East. Crawling their way out of the day, and its everlong sleep.
At this time of the day, the Universe is diligent in the scanning and attendance of her own brightest luminaries, as they are aligned with their spring succession.

Venus, the Galaxy's brightest planet of this time of year, shines first. Her ever-faithful Orion, proudly points his bow and arrow ahead, leading the way for the constellations to bid farewell to Sunset.

In a pursuit of our world, the misfit meteorites of several Meteoroid's today through May 8th anywhere in the world.
ARC is slightly North NE just over Pegasus.
ETA is SE off of Aquarius Southwest of Pieces
HVI is direct South SE of Virgo showing between Libra and Virgo
ANT is SE directly under Libra
ELY is directly NorthNE on the Westside of Lyra SouthSouthwest under Pegasus.

Tearing holes throughout the atmosphere. Extraordinarily vicious and destructive meteors, scattered across the skies. Spreading out into smaller pieces, pummeling holes into Gaia's canvas.
Sunset has witnessed its destruction before. Sunset, glimmering again, watches while they burst into flames leaving remnants of ash, scattering to the winds. She is watching as one hits the earth, leaving a crater.

A war begins.

Champion of Gravity, stands strong, as he knocks the Misfit Meteorites ass to the ground.
Master G. is battle-worn..discovering the collateral damage he has inflicted.
Gravity bows, shuttering throughout the air.
He knows that Gaia, her Luna, her Sun, and humans,will be saddened for the burnt craters left by the Misfits.
The last time they left a permanent scar so deep and thick..that the Sun and Luna were the only family of Gaia, who couldn't stay away from the craters.
Sunset, deep in this dream/nightmare. Bursting out Fire in her reach. Remembering she could not sleep.

For she is ever-present.

She spits and watches her universe's constellations gather and roll.
Shining a quick check in to her closest family of planets. They are the beauty of her reach.
Sunset cannot wait any longer.
For she feels the love within herself the most when she changes from Sunset and shines out in resiliency onto Gaia. Embracing herself....beaming out her love.

She is resilient.

For she is the Sunrise.

Her resiliency is undeniable

Forever mine
Forever thine
Forever Ours
Ludwig van Beethoven
Written on 67, July, 1812 in Teplitz.
Immortal Beloved
Written by Lagertha (Elizabeth Grace)
Author's Note
Over the past month, I have had the fortune to become an eye witness of all of our universes treasures and Gaia's beauty. The resiliency of our Sun became a consistent reminder of how we as humans have become resilient before, presently and hopefully after Covid-19 is done damaging, destroying and hurting all human beings of our earth. Be strong when you can, be saddened when you must. Please try and remember, our resiliency is how we move forward to healing.
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