Image for the poem Salt & Soil Of This Hearland Soul.. Is Of~For You, My Core~ Sun

Salt & Soil Of This Hearland Soul.. Is Of~For You, My Core~ Sun

salt & soil… of this bare all 'sky & flesh'    
heartland soul ..achingly beats for you..
(90 years of the 'Vedaranyam Salt March'    
flash in the news now.. brings back the very    
essence of freedom.. in each breath.. in    
self~ dignity & revolutionary motherland    
presence... of a no slavish regime...    
.. & so does Love blooms..  & have the highest    
flights of the ceaseless skies… in utmost truth    
& freedom...   this Us manifests as thus )
in spite of this beaten tinsheet heart.. as tympanal    
tintinnabulations ... in screechy scratching dents of    
an irreparably corrugating harsh cacophony    
with these sunken tonnage of the swollen eyelids    
mounting as bulbous blown clouded blockades    
the cochlear vacuuming funnels are filling faste in    
muted itches.. with the siliceous gritty silts of the    
tense ticking sand clock densitities..    
frozen feet lying in cracking cramps...are the anaemic    
pandemonic logs.. pain in their forced immobilities of a    
difficult silence.. of the deathly quequed guillotine rows    
...even the flowing in air columns...  roughen them to    
weathery shredding leathery strands.. of numbness
(stars burst as blinding  super novae exploding dusts    
..far in the mysteriously collating skies of a wobbly    
silken weaving invisibilities.. of pure & plain spread    
of flowing viole~ taffeta~ habutai & muslins.. its    
essential soulcore yet in the texturing stiffness of    
a simplistic starchy white calico & cottony fabric    
the hazy half moon in an incremental blotty nakedness    
..shines in a dazing drowsiness, fades often to an absence    
in its  maniacal ‘hide & seek’ plays with(in) the bits & pieces    
of jetsam~ flotsam~ lagan & derelict running b&w clouds)
the empty pages of my scribbling diary... is over now.    
as if in physical barricading prompts to this ongoing    
boundlessly maddening illegible ritual I fill & fill..  in these    
bound cellulosic bundles... to-be~ in mere termitic erosion
(the days.  the so~ days.. come & go. moreso the birthdays..    
almost turn  deathdays.. when those ones & ones… of the    
fated or perhaps deliberate diversions.. are in the vanishing..    
by the evenmore deadly meted out ignorance.. yet still    
do I remember crystal clear.. those days & faces.. those    
self~ mummified faces in the crumbling.. as if I construct the    
imaginary them..back time & again.. of the unforgotten times..    
however toxic those acidic rains that this earth drank them all..)    
this day. the may day dawns in a more than bearable the    
coolest time of the day  @24 degree celsius.. the reddened    
skies with the ball of fire, a ‘sindooram' sun pours down its    
unlimited mellowing rays over the raising thorny fingering    
bold branchlets of a magenta bougainvillea rooftop vine..    
from its pastel lemon-yellow painted home in the visions
(peacocks in deep echoing scream.. busy narrative    
mynas of the coconut treetops.. & the softly north easterlies touch~    
verse in random dashing wavelets over these vastly unworked cheeks..      
soothes as pluming flute streams over the heavy~ loaded sleeplessly~    
stinging eyes…  in an ever undifferentiating chaos of the known~ unknown    
times... with dreamy surreal mixing visions..  the many n-terabyte to infinite    
miscellany embedded hard-set glacial eyes..  now melt as the involuntarily    
overbrimming hot spring river origins of translating tears.. the supreme    
scriptless language of the soul..
as I say to you..    
“only tears well up in place of words, my love.. in Love”..    
all I see & remember & breathe .. in each rooting needs    
of this agelessly synthesizing tree soul .. is you, this Us..    
this  ever flaming photonic Sun in the worship    
.. as i scribble & soulblabber as ever.. in divine transpire
#26 #ERULGCT    
Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
#26 ERULGCT.. another of 'flow the flow' soulblabberations.. in~of~for Love.. in times of the newness now~ in variegated layers of memories, dreams, past.. with~ within the nature ( the soil~ soul~ sun of Us) you know. Love You, Robonoid. Love You All Du xx:)

*'sindooram" : Tamil Word, Meaning tradinional vermilion worn on forehead of married women

Pic: Web. (Rann of Kutch, India. Salt Marsh Lands & the Sun)
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