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After the powerful explosions that we all experienced, we needed some liquids and protein to give us the strength that was needed to keep us strong for this next go round
Showing J how to drink and eat so that he would not get sick and he would be able to maintain his stamina during this next session
Since, he wasn’t used to a fuck session like this
We needed him to be able to maintain until the very end
Once we had finished eating, we picked up as if there wasn’t a pause in our action
We stood in a straight line
Kayla first
Dalilah and
Kayla held on to the island in the kitchen
Donyella dropped to her knees positioning her mouth at the opening of
Kayla’s ass
She proceeded with spreading her ass cheeks wide, so she had full access to
Her little brown hole
She licked her lips and started to blow in the opening while spanking her ass
Once Kayla’s ass cheeks relaxed, Donyella inserted her tongue inside of her
Brown little hole and began tongue fucking the opening until it was lubricated with her spit
She then stuck one digit
Two digits
Three digits about the width of her dick
She continued finger fucking her hole until it had formed to the width of her dick
After giving her ass one last kiss, she stood up and lubricated her dick
Before she inserted it into Kayla
Being careful as she eased the fully erect dick inside of Kayla’s ass
She slowly grinded her ass in slow motion
So, she could give Kenyatta the opportunity to get on her knees as she gets her ass ready for Kenyatta’s dick entry into her ass
Kenyatta gets on her knees and inserts her wet fingers into Donyella’s ass
Because she had been fucking her mouth so that her fingers would be ready when it was her turn to get Donyella’s ass prepared for what she had planned for her
She started finger fucking Donyella’s ass with the same speed of
Donyella’s ass fucking to Kayla
Donyella’s ass was squeezing and releasing as Kenyatta continues finger fucking her ass
In slow motion while she nibbled on Donyella’s ass cheeks leaving trails that she had been there
Once she released her fingers from Donyella’s ass, Kenyatta spits in her ass and tongue fuck her spit inside of Donyella’s brown hole
Kenyatta the stands up and grabs hold of her dick and eases it into Donyella’s ass
Making sure to keep the same pace that Donyella’s keeping in Kayla’s ass
While this was going on, J had been on his knees lubing Kenyatta’s ass with a dildo making Kenyatta’s ass ready to be inserted into once she had finished loosening up Donyella
Once Donyella’s had her rhythm in Kayla’s ass
And Kenyatta had matched that pace
J inserted his dick into Kenyatta ass at the same pace
Until their moans and groans started sounding through out the kitchen in a
Unison of sexual bliss
Donyella grabbed Kayla’s breast as she continued to mount her ass
Kenyatta grabbed on to Donyella’s tits as she rolled her erect nipples in between her fingers as she lightly applied pressure while she slowly began increasing the speed of her fucking into her ass
J soon increased his speed as he grabbed Kenyatta’s breast while he passionately kissed the small of her neck
Sending chills up and down her spine as he continues fucking her ass as Kenyatta
Used her ass muscles to squeeze and release around
J’s engorged dick
J had never participated in a train, long less a train such as this
The more he fucked the more he was turned on and the bigger his dick
Got as he continued to pound Kenyatta’s gorgeous round ass
Suddenly you hear Donyella scream in orgasm heaven as she releases her cream
Deep into Kayla’s ass
Until her dick returns to its natural size and slide out Kayla’s ass
Kayla was so experienced in holding the sticky cream inside of her ass until she was ready to release it and as
 Donyella drops to her knees and spread Kayla’s ass cheeks wide open
Kayla begins squirting the cream out her ass in short spurts letting the cream
Slowly eases out her brown hole
While Donyella is using her tongue to capture her creamy seed from Kayla’s ass
Making sure to not let the cream escape her wanting mouth until all her seed had been drained and her juices where licked clean from Kayla’s ass hole
While Kenyatta kept up her stroking until she yelled in ecstasy because she was really turned on while watching Donyella eat her cream from Kayla’s ass that
She filled Donyella up with all her love seed as Kayla used her still hard dick to
Muffle Donyella’s screams of pure bliss
While the expertise of Donyella’s tongue brought Kayla to the near brink or orgasmic heaven
J started feeling his own release into Kenyatta’s brown hole as he and Kayla started moaning in unison as
J enter his seed inside of Kenyatta’s ass making sure he packed the cream so far up her ass that only his tongue could suck the delicious fluid as it creamed from inside her gorgeous mounds until he had drained her ass of his fluids
And Kayla let loose her essence as it overflowed from Donyella’s mouth because during the time Donyella was fucking Kayla’s ass
Kayla held her orgasms until the build up
Was to great to hold any longer showering not just Donyella with her essence
But Kenyatta and J as well
Causing the sexual fever to build back up in their dicks as Kayla’s essence
Gave them each a hunger to take turns giving J the feeling of having each of their
Dicks inside of his loving ass hole
Written by micki49 (Alicia Young)
Author's Note
Stay tuned for the finish......
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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