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Sitting around talking with my ladyboy friends
Talking about the guy I had fucked just the other day
Since we all frequent the same gym
I referred to him as J
As I told them how it was his first time being with someone as  
Giving him the best of both worlds  
As I describe our sexual encounter  
We all begin to get turned on
Since we were all are sitting on the same couch
We decided that we would help the other one out
Before we could begin our play
There is a knock on the door
To my surprise it was J
He just happens to be in my neighborhood
Even though my ladyboy friends have seen him before  
The never knew his name
I invited him in and introduced him to the gang as  
Hi J, I am Dan, but I go by Dalilah
Hi J, I am Ken, but I go by Kenyatta
Hi J, I am Donnie, and I go by Donyella
Being nervous, but not letting it show
J came inside but sat by the door
We all started laughing and talking about our  day
Until, we saw his nerves soon fade away
I walk up to J and I whispered in his ear
What we were beginning to do and would  
He like to participate and be our  
Delicious treat
Even though he was new to this, he was sure up for the challenge
Without him noticing, I gave them all a nod
So, we all proceed to the bedroom and arranged ourselves in order
Knowing what they needed to do because they all had
Their part to make  
J as comfortable as possible  
Before the fun could start
I made him comfortable as our tongues locked in a kiss
While Dalilah slowly massages his neck
Kenyatta undressed him slowly  
Taking off his shirt  
And then pulling his pants down his waist
While Donyella slowly laid his body down on  
Kayla’s bed
Kayla kept fucking his mouth with hers as she positioned her hips  
Against her headboard while not breaking her kiss
Dalilah inserted her long slender fingers inside of her mouth
Fucking her mouth until her fingers were soaked with her saliva
Once she had them to the wetness of her desire
She moved her wet fingers to J’s nipples
Rolling the now erect orbs in between her fingers and thumbs
Making them harder underneath her manipulation
Taking the palms of her hands to apply pressure as she rubs the  
Nipples against her palms
Kenyatta starts her tongue manipulation inside of his navel
As she licked from his navel to the start of his pelvis
Using his teeth to pull his pubic hairs
As she continued the path from his  
Naval back to his pubic hairs
Knowing that he is super excited  
By his manly moans
His ass begins fucking the air
Trying to find a mouth, hand or ass to put his dick in
But his attempts failed
Donyella starts to get into her position
Careful not to touch his dick as she  
Moved in between his thighs
Licking and biting the inside of his thighs
Until she saw it was turning a slight red
Making his body respond to her will
As J feels his dick growing bigger and bigger
As his cock  swings free
After she tended to the bruises on his inner thighs
She made her way to his toes and opened her mouth
Sucking on his toes one at a time
As Kayla move to his nipples and her  
Dick in J’s mouth
Dalilah went to his navel where she sucked in  
Kenyatta’s spit
As J’s hand found Dalilah’s now hard dick  
He began caressing her huge shaft
While still sucking on Kayla’s growing dick
Taking it in as the growth reached to his tonsils
And the width filled his mouth  
Donyella removed her mouth from J’s toes  
As she slides up beside Kayla
And position herself under Kayla so she could suck
Her huge tits
As Kayla removes her mouth from J’s nipples  
She positions herself to receive Donyella’s  
Dick insider her wet juicy mouth
Positioning herself where she could continue her fucking  
Of J’s mouth as she positions her throat to receive
Donyella’s dick  
As Kenyatta’s starts jerking her own dick as she starts nibbling on  
J’s balls
Soon they all found their rhythm as the continued their pace
Until the moaning and groaning got louder
As Kayla released her load down the back of Jays throat
Donyella followed as her load released in  
Kayla mouth  
She almost choked from the flow that was oozing out
Donyella’s dick and down the sides of her mouth as  
Kenyatta sneaks up and sucks the cum dripping from  
Kayla’s mouth while she continued jerking her dick as her balls  
Started tightening and her dick started pulsating as her  
Load began spewing out her dicks eye down her fingers  
Onto her beautiful abs
This was enough to cause J to cum as his spirit released from his  
Body as he watches down from his celestial existence as the ladyboys stand him up on his feet
While Kayla tongue fucked his ass
Donyella slurping in his balls using her tongue to explore the  
Roundness as  
They began tightening in preparation for its release
As Kenyatta positions her hands at the base of J’s  
Shaft and her mouth on his cock’s head while she slides her tongue
Into his  
While we continued our attack  
His legs grew weak as  
his cream began breaking the barriers of Kenyatta’s mouth
as Donyella and
I slide up to J’s dick and helped Kenyatta to put
A stop to J’s creamy flow
Written by micki49 (Alicia Young)
Author's Note
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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