Image for the poem Silence Of The Streaming Nights~  in shapes, sounds & more unsaid.. revelatory syncs

Silence Of The Streaming Nights~  in shapes, sounds & more unsaid.. revelatory syncs

the little reptilian in the corner wall slithers    
in muted rhythm of streaming waters,  a stealthy    
silence.. in meticulous sigmoidal wavelets..
[that somehow rapidly links me to a Czech's  astounding    
nature~ sculpt.. their cross-sectionally hexagonal basalt fingering,    
 the ‘Varhany’~ pipe organ columns of the once volcanic & now    
a static landmark.. as if raising revolutionary hands.. Mansion or    
Lord's Rocks of the Bohemian Kamenicky Senov]
perhaps the already hung for long.. the swaying    
delicate gossamery cobwebbed grey matrices, this    
undoubting insectivorous spinneret trap..  is a true look~    
alike frame of a moulted gecko~ a foretelling mimic..    
a ‘sign'..  may have a link to this lil creature    
now.. that's making it it’s habitat.. .
[everything happens... & moreso.. everything speaks    
of their elemental links.. in a beckoning language.. of    
silence~ of sounds~  of the cocooning  transformations~      
of the hibernations~  of motion~  of life~  of something    
beyond llife too.. to the pureform purplish thirdeye~ the    
destined predisposed elemental Us...]
white bats, not really white..  their translucent membranous    
patagial wings in street light reflections, criss cross yet again today..
[ the humidified~ sultry windless clouded ominous skies    
of a darkening night.. perhap the stars it searches are found    
in my eyes.. that's in turn looking up the hazy hidden stars..    
reveals them in their unperturbing cryastllic lucidity..  through those    
rapid missioning clouded sieves..  flowing delicate~ filamentous    
as see~ through terylene strands.. seemingly heaps as densely    
smothering smokiness clouts in a lazy motion,  to these distant    
eyes.. lying prone in yogic fixations to the dramatic reeling in fibrous    
fabric of the cryptic skies.. in the ever~ changing woven patterns..    
(en/de)~ coding randomly of.. ]
feels the latencies or obstructions.. a design of fate.. to feel    
in the more intensities of unsaid manifestations.. that only    
the interacting souleyes conver(g/s)e in that alignment.. a destiny..
ceaseless waterfalling acoustics of the overflown waterhead tank..    
drips as small rivulet stream in a nomadic meandering..  with serially    
ornate diamonding gleams in zigzaggy reflecions... in some sudden turns    
of domesticating oxfam bend embraces..  in a buzzy creasing grainy    
newspapery organic score... a reminiscing emittance...
yet more the strange sounds of the night coexists… the guttural growls    
of cat~ fights & croaking frogs, the shrilly mdetallic keying in crickety vibrations…    
the atrociously noisy~chattery crowning humans finally fade into the silence    
of a circardian~ less sleep..    
[...& amidst the growing graveyard silence, I search for my golden bird origami    
lost in the erasing unnumbered pages of a forgotten book, nestled along    
with their pressed herbarium companions of a brittly cordate sacred fig leaf    
with their a more recent accidentally broken apex, the faded grassy vetivers    
& the still lil pinkish~ the crinkly petallous damask rose, concretely intact of    
their scented descents..]
the cat fights have gone terribly violent... with primal~ screaming pleads?    
… perhap have they hunted my lost golden bird for their bloody nomoonish    
supper… no, my bird is still on somewhere...somehow...for the cats cross the    
way with their now silenced hunt,  that hovering bat!
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of    
energy, frequency and vibration.”.. Nikola Tesla's words resonate...    
.. & whether 'finding' them as pages of deconstructs or not..  there's    
this 'one' holistic sub~ conscious lotus in eternal blooms.. a  'feltness'    
of all & nil... not just coming alive... it's a divine falling in line, a magical    
align..  the nature in all its sync conspires.. to a manifest... all & only in    
LOVE.. you know... my One"
Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
#24 ERULGCT.. juz a wilderness flow as it flows .. this streaming silence of the nights.. in all its intrinsic cryptic hues.. & but the constantly sculpting nuances.. syncing aligning revealing .. & more unsaidness.. a simplistic contemplative souleye lights in its flame... in 'diehardcore' hope & love Allz well in Love.. you know, Robonoid . Love you all DU xx:)
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