The Poet's Box

Once upon a still night soaring
A fizzling fuzzing sound came roaring Energized in merely seconds
An oaken chest from the heavens
Buffer checks and scans come clear  
It's safe enough for us to near  
What could possibly be inside  
Curiously up the lid they pried  
Placed in tattered and torn cotton  
A single book left forgotten  
Thick with pages and spindly script  
Stories we're not meant to forget
An illustration in dim blues  
Graced the page with terrible news  
When folk would travel across seas
A lunch for this worm they would be  
The crew exchanged some concerns  
About the thing they'd just learned  
Skipping pages to a new chapter  
They erupted in hearty laughter  
A party worm who's named Lavern  
A patron saint of all taverns  
Worshipped across all the lands
From mountain peaks to beachy sands  
It was then that they realised  
They'd happened across quite a prize
Did anyone check the title page  
Mythology of Worms Throughout The Ages
Oh let's keep reading to find out more
To the galley we'll make popcorn
The crew of the Stanza gathered 'round  
And sat in a circle on the ground  
Upon the next page a heavenly creature
A worm for poetry, rhyme and meter
Burrowed deep in the underground
If you looked for years it'd not be found  
Whispered words waft on the wind, on willing wings they will descend. Where newts nuzzle in narrow nooks and water seeps from babbling brooks, a verdant valley vaunted with verse; the cease of time and melodic rhyme. You'll not find perfection no matter your search but an artist's heart will travel the course.
The crew astounded and deeply touched
Realised this journey had taught them much
The poetry worm from ages passed
Had in their hearts been found at last
The powerful words drifted about
And they wondered how they'd done without
But words are ideas and we must be careful
Especially with this cosmic parcel  
In agreement for their treasure
They took some extra security measures
After adding a copy to ship's library  
The book they placed under lock and key
Written by socksscareme (Socks)
Author's Note
Stomp The Prompt #25
25. The crew makes the discovery of a book of ancient legends regarding worm like creatures worshipped as gods!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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