Violence and Salvation

Your life cut short in a bloody war
That you started out of undying wrath
Simply to shed the blood of those
Who sought to conquer your way of life
You had lived in peace with your wife and son
Keeping rage at bay and the sword in the stone
Then the day came that the Crusaders arrived into town
And the life you knew was ripped away
They came and left after they had laid waste
To all you ever knew in the name of the Holy God
But they did not leave without taking the innocent lives
Of your loving wife and son sending their souls to Hell
Your raised your sword high and cursed their names
As well as the name of God whom you saw as corrupt and tainted
You set out for the land of which they came from
With violence in your heart and bloodshed on your mind
You raided their city with the same vengeance as they
Murdering innocent souls sinning as they did laughing loud
Until one man managed to maneuver behind your slashing blade
And buried his sharp holy steel through your exposed throat
You awake naked and tied with shackles to a man behind and in front
Being forced by Hellish creatures to walk slowly and in rhythm
Constantly feeling the sting of their thousands and thousands of whips
Led like cattle to the butcher marching into the heart of the ferry Charon
Once within his decks the long journey down the river Acheron began
Awaiting the arrival at the lair of the great lord of Limbo, King Minos
You cower in fear, pain, and woe for what is coming to you
What judgment shall be yours you will see very soon
The great ferry stops reaching it’s destination and you’re led off
Charon booms that may God have mercy on all of your damned souls
You are led into a narrow corridor where the line of souls is long
Through the open archway on the wall you see a giant demon eyeless
He picks up a soul with his great long tail and sniffs him a few times
“LUST” he booms and with no mercy skewers the soul on a spiked wheel
Which turns and drops the soul off below to her punishment for the life of a whore
One by one you draw ever closer and souls of all sins except the seventh are damned
You reach the heart of his lair staring right at the might of the King of Limbo
His tail nearly crushes you as it coils and pulls you right up to his open nostrils
He smells you quite well and with a light grin he damns you to Violence
And you are skewered and dropped into the seventh circle as more blood falls on you
You dip into the river Phlegethon and you scream in pain for the boiling blood sears
The heat melts your skin and cooks your organs yet you don’t fade or die
For you no longer have life or consciousness to lose as just a damned soul
So you swim within it’s shores with countless others guarded by centaurs
One day you notice the demon centaurs serving as guards run from their posts in rage
And one by one you hear each one cry out in eternal suffering and cease to exist
A man approaches the end of the river dressed in all white a red cross on his chest
He wields a bloody scythe mad of human bone and a silver cross studded thrice
This man you think seems familiar for he was just behind you at your sentencing
And the blood that had rained down after you fell was from Minos being slain
“You my friend” he says to you “I absolve you of all your sins, may God bless you”
He pulls out his cross and you are blinded by light, the next thing you see are your lost wife and son

Owned by Dustin Smith: Bastardofbodom666
Written by bastardofbodom666 (Helvete Blod)
Published | Edited 20th Mar 2012
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