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Human Sex Doll Part Two

Chained over a metal bar with my ass up and on full display
Gag Ball reinstalled into my mouth causing me to drool down my chin
Weighted nipple clamps hang form my buds for some painful foul play
Master rubs his monster cock and I stare as he pulls back his foreskin

More saliva pools from my mouth as I stare at his bulging manhood
Walking behind me he slaps my ass and I cry out with pleasure
Another slap to my ass sending me back to my training and childhood
Since I was born I was made to award this man and bring him leisure

A snap of a rubber glove and squirt of lube I know what's comeig next
Rubbing his fingers against my clit before positioning his hand at my hole
Pushing his fist into my tight cunt evidence of my viture bright on the latex
As he pushes in even further my crys of pain i no longer can control

"Shut up Bitch, or i'll crack you with a whip!" Master harshly demands
Holding my crys in I only let out moans as he thrusts his fist in and out
My pussy lips growing more and more slick making my thighs like wetlands
Orgasm rising and my body tensing soon my climas will surely breakout

Faster and faster his fist impals my aching slippery little cunt
Moans and groans fill the air along with our erotic aroma
Suddenly his fist is replace with his enormous dick with a grunt
Crying out as climax breaks i'm sure it was heard all over Tacoma

Master chuckles and he pulls my hair as he thrusts in so deep
My pussy walls milking him more and more ready for more release
His fast and hard pace he doesn't srain to upkeep
Burying his rod within me deep using me as his personal codpiece

Both of us gasp and cryout as we hit orgasmic paradise together
Spilling his load of sticky cum against my virgin cervix with a smile
Undoing my restraints he lifts me as if i'm as light as a feather
Laying me on the bed spreading my legs and finding my clit to defile
Written by Countrygirl96
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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