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I eagerly anticipate that sparkle in her eye,
That glare of pure emotion makes my heart rate quickly rise.

The animal within her shakes the confines of her cage,
Lashing out for freedom, cause of passion, lust and rage.

Her pretty face contorted, primal urges through her surge,
Her transformation pending, for my lust I will observe.

With great delight I watch her as she slowly starts to change,
Her clothing tight all over as they struggle with the strain.

The beast within emerging as shes fighting to resist,
Her body mass increasing, for my eyes a state of bliss.

The colour of her skin turns a shade of pure jade green,
The strength within her growing, vent through savage primal scream.

Her shirt is stretched to breaking point, the seems begin to split,
Her buckle snaps her skirt rides up and slowly starts to rip.

Her buttons pop, her body makes her shirt spread open wide,
The sound of ripping cloth is sending shivers down my spine.

Her swelling tits push through her bra, snapping it in two,
Her growing hips burst through her skirt, her feet destroy her shoes.

With every stitch of clothing that she forces wide apart,
Revealing naked flesh increase the beating of my heart.

Her stockings shred and ladder as her panties fall away,
Her shirt reduced to tatters; hang from larger, broader frame.

The creature stands before me, fix me firmly in her sight,
A cry of lust runs through me in the presence of her might.

Ive waited far to long to see the splendour for myself,
I stumble to my knees engulfed with pure erotic wealth.

Im reaching out to touch her, dare I lay my hands on her,
Will she let me hold her; let her know how much I yearn.
Written by Lord_Stabdagger (Lord Stabdagger)
Author's Note
As kids we all had our favourite super hero or villain. She was mine and still is.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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