The Path To Hell is Smooth as Talc

The path to hell eroded  
smooth like talc.
The feeling left me with an  
abstract sense of suffering
A constant  prick of reality  
laden with shadows of Dahlia
swallowed by liquified carnage  
continued, it's bloodletting  
Before me now, deceit,  
Her eyes like Bloodstone  
the only thing with a half-ass
shine to it except for her
 flat wire hairpin holding
 her bob in place  
Tacky like safety pins on
 her garter belt  
She  was the friction between  
my desire and my dream
I wanted to hold on to
 those  drug-laced daze on
 the cum stained couch,  
The dream, went so  fast  
I couldn't keep up
"Dahlia, I told you I would  
be here in time for  
my funeral"  
" I'm back, the screen doors
 wide open, the flowers are
 dead, there is a fly in
 the Sangria, and there Is  
some punk who  looks like  
I used to look banging his  
girlfriend behind the shed"
Dahlia !"
Wtf am I doing here,  standing
before the moon ?
I don't want to see my  
wasted life played over again  
 like a home movie from  
a Bell and Howell  
Then, I  see him, the man
 I used to look up to  
the man who I watched  
eat shit from the gutter  
I was blinded by his  robe  
and that goblet of wine in his  
hand that cup of fools gold  
He used to tell me every  
Sunday as I blew out the  
"Boy you're gonna go
 straight to hell "
I didn't believe him until,
I pulled the trigger  
The path to hell eroded
smooth like talc  
Now, was I here because  
of him?
Or was he here because of me ?
I couldn't tell which way  
Was hell  
Written by Valeriya (Valeriya Long)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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