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Ask no Questions Tell No Lies

The dark,  dank place smelled
like beer and pussy.
Does stale beer flip my stomach,
 like stale pussy?  
Nah, It  is a staple in my diet and
 I  don't believe in fasting  
As soon as i walk in i see a
Sexy little thing in a black rubber  
one-piece, with her ass and  
tits cut out  
Her  titties are nice, round,  
perky not nearly enough
 to sag
 She notices me checking  
her out.  
She looks my way as she's  
bending over, touching the
 floor  her black teased up
 hair hanging down, covers
one eye,  her mascara running  
down her cheek,  mouth  
open and drooling.  
This heavyset dom wearing  
all black latex everything  
even covered her head and face
Like her head was getting
squeezed, by her full mask.  
She's  sitting on an uninstalled
 toilet as she fucks this sweet  
little thing with the handle  
of a cat o nine tails giving  
her a good lash now and then  
My dick and balls we're aching  
to get some    
Sex Pistols playing loud drowning  
out all the sounds going on  
Big girl yanks out her make-believe
 dick and tells sweet thing  
"go,  go play" she motions me
 to come over  
She stands up,  big girl is,  
 a big girl. with a soft voice  
telling me to" come on baby "
"Clothes  off dude," she says  
My dick is bobbing she smiles  
and says "nice I  can wrench  
on that for a while"  
she smacks my dick like you
 would a balloon that gets  
in your face  
Sting,  made my nipples ache  
She starts rubbing my taint  
with that pussy smelling handle  
 I said "  Nah, Nah,  Nah,  I' m  
good, I'm good
Just then sweet thing shows up  
 with her black stilettos fishnets
 with, a giant hole where her
 tight ass hole is
 She's dancing to 80's punk  
" Hey baby come here and grab this"  
I tell her  
Big girl says " no,  don't fuckin  
 touch him" "  you are my toy fucker"  
she laughs slaps me with the whip.
 She changes her mind  
It's her idea now "Come here
 now sweet thing " big girl says
 "suck his prick deliciously until
 i say and he better not cum  
until I tell him to"  
 Big girl sticks her tongue out
 of that black latex mask  
This bitch truly scared the shit  
out of me.  
She smacks my ass hard with
  one of those paddles with  
rubber coating i used to play  
with when i was a kid the one  
with that rubber band bal
she just ruined any good memory  
I ever had with that paddle
 I forgot where i was for a minute
 then i felt  sweet thing sucking  
the skin off my dick
"now sweet thing,  make him cum"  
says big girl
 i don't what kind of magic
 she was up to but I  
  blew my load hard,  
over sweet things ratty teased  
up hair  

My body stiffening as big girl  
 started kissing my ass lightly
 lightly then  tells me  
"get the fuck out of here
i asked no questions
 and tell no lies
Written by Valeriya (Valeriya Long)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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