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torn asunder and the thunder rolls

tonight I weep for loss
a brother in blood and bond
gone forever...deep into the darkness and anger
so far into the madness I can follow no more
his name is damnation
there is no turning back now

no one knows what it's like to be a bad man,
a sad man behind blue eyes
yes brother I hear your lament
wilt thou I be damned too?

so angry you lash out at humanity
headhunting lambs to the slaughter
you count ignorance as gold
I wilt not...

I will shout with such a thunder as to wake the dead
bringing back to memory
the great war in heaven
where you called upon our father's wrath for the final time
he cast you and the one third you drew asunder
I turn to look at you one final time that day
my eyes plead but it would not be
it was all said and done in an hour

I felt you fade sadly there was nothing I could do to sway
your mind was made up
you vow it would be your way
I held it in my heart your treason
for my part I hold guilt
to this day I am shell shocked
I replay things over and over in my mind
it always ends the same
we are brother's no more in deed

as the day draws nigh
I am stirred once more into memory of my honor bound duty
I make my way to the sanctuary
the heavenly choir is singing tonight
can you hear them from your perch in the city?
are you high enough tonight to forget your place?

there is one voice I miss...
one voice I hear over the radio raised in anger
will you turn back your vengeance against humanity
regain some semblance of sanity and the become the brother I once knew

come down off your throne of bitterness and sit a while
this may be our last night to converse
into chains you will be cast to your shame and my sadness
you've earned it...hate me for my truth
no one else would dare tell you but brother I do
I will weep on that day

a bond forever broken
a dream forever shattered
I will not turn on our father he is my rock

your will is I should share in your destruction
I am not made of such but you knew deep down the truth of me
I love you brother...well the brother I remember
I won't forgive...I won't forget...I just can't

Written by smackdownraven
Author's Note
this is about the terrible rebellion in heaven when Lucifer drew a third of heaven away with him and the part I remember playing saying goodbye to my brother...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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