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God Shit (Character Personality Collaboration)

The Spiritual Gynecologist
     “If God had a executioners military mind
Sinners on the spot would be eliminated all the time,
      “No forgiveness-just elevated straight to hell
Where a majority of the mind-fucked living already dwell,

      “But how can one sin be greater than the other
Only the stupidity of humanity tries to categorize the motherfucker,
      “So you saying a child killer and the dirty priest ain’t the same
Kill them both, because they inflict their own unique pain,

      “Thou shall not kill, then let me reload
So that Doom Eternal can be my final blazing word,
      “Engrave that in rotting flesh on the motherfuckas tomb stone
While lightning and brimstone destroy their home,

      “Holding my tongue-no motherfucka I ain’t
Like God’s stank my unrelenting verbiage won’t wait,
      “You can choose to fuck what your hearing and looking at
Because there are no apologies or take backs”.  

      “Is the shit going on in this world God’s wicked focus
Lives being eliminated by the thousands-shit seems hopeless,
      “To the Italian people their feeling the full corona blight
But maybe it’s God’s revenge against them for killing Jesus Christ,

      “Remember, God turned his back on the Jews for 400 years
Now all nations is losing loved ones-so its time to shed tears,
      “Like black men and women raped and killed on the slave ship
Hurricanes against the Americas may be God’s eternal punishment,

      “Understand the bed we lay on is created for a comfortable sleep
But we all are one natural disaster away from sleeping on the street,
      “The ignorance that we are doing and the ignorance we have done
Consider all earthly diseases is God’s money shot-so we all must feel the cum,

      “Death’s molestation embrace from birth is a fear that always creep
Making everlasting salvation sound so brainwashed sweet,
      “Regardless, drinking, smoking and fucking will continue forevermore
As the Devil masturbates to the sins of the earthly whore”.
Written by CasketSharpe
Author's Note
These series of poems are of the different characters I have written about over the years. Expanding upon each of how they would feel if they were their own Iindividual person. The Spiritual Gynecologist has its own unique way of thinking about God and religion in general.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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