Persuade me to commit sin in your absence. Oh, love, how we live in it! My hands are you. My fingers are you. Innately, I scream your name when I fuck myself...when I come. My moans thundering and desperately trying to reach you overseas.
Can you hear them, love?
You tempt me and it is unbearable.
You... grantor of exquisite agony and delectable tortures.
Please unravel my inner layers. Tear them apart with your sharpened teeth, and expose them to your twisted pleasure.
Oh, you devour me . And I dissolve in delirium!
Sweet words and promises too far from this realm to be granted. I have no choice but to suspend myself in this hell you have created.

To wait for you...

Will you ever seal me to your being? Let us become merged into something so inconceivably sublime, so beautifully adhered, that it rivals the ideal of heaven itself!
Take me.
Draw your ink from your fountain and carve your words on my womb.
Write your name in bold letters.
Leave your sins within.
Inscribe your goddamn commands and tortuous prayers.
I want to perceive the sweet insanity of that savory branding... that torrent of eternal pleasure.
Mark me.
And I will house them for you.
For us!
Then, we will never be apart.
Speak, my cherished serpent tongue, for it has been too long without you!
Recite to me your broken lullabies and soothe this ache within.
Bring to me color and purpose.
Resurrect in me all that lays dormant and lost.
Arise all that became saturated in gray and tumbled into entropy.
Make me part of your being,
fused with our lust.
Our wrath.
Our sin.
Our sweet insanity.
Our sex.
And our love.
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