Image for the poem Orbital rewriting around the clock... An Ode to Sunkissed Verse

Orbital rewriting around the clock... An Ode to Sunkissed Verse

🏃Dough run 🏃this🏃
no one pissed;
show won fist;
Owe fun missed;
blow hun tryst;
kNow Sunkissed;
Lee see a clone
yo pockets sewn grown
you aint alone on bae throne;
it's time two "Make a change" like a payphone...
eye feel hOur struggle is real...
eye just smuggle the bills; double up the bucks 💵
width a lil luck
whiLE Eye juggle the quill...
Trouble what!?!
"They" say the market crashed; funny;😂
eye smart; eye chart ass eye cart this stash; yummmy!..
Eye got work two DUE Like the Isley Brother's...
Makin' this cash money like crash dummy's...
butt eye'm wise Lee love purse...
Girl; eye'm like a squirrel end this world;

*Show nuts

now blow US POker face win eye paper chase;
while the haters hate
show bluff; grow up or blow nuts!..
While my pockets BLOW ☝ uP!!!
§ee 🐉 dragon??? Ass we braggin'
Lee draggin' this bag Sun;
Sho 'nuff ass my rhyme bakin'
eye'mmm makin' the doughnuts!..
sew so what
eYE Smile while the whole wide world on lockdown...
My pockets dreaming "Cream King"
while rockets screaming; "No.t. nOW!.."
end this land of milk and money honey eye got cow...
and if "Rona" wanna beef end these streetS EyE got [POW]
like Robbin and Batman...
write rob pen hand
that's plan;
my pockets PHAT
tHAt's "Pretty Hot And Tempting"
eye got hot hand pimping shrimp thing tike like;"YiKES!!!"
take that economy!!!
End this period...
We gonna see blew Lee pencil throb win these two "essential" jobs
get robbed like "Ten Finger" discounts...
Pockets on dismounts
WorKing two "Full Times" plus these cool rhymes cause this counts...
script mounts;
except eye give these gifts fore free eYE Promise unless you wanna pay homage width fee or give Lee your scraps then perhaps if the DOW don't collapse see chaps gLee win thee Cash App me:

(holler dine we smell pen tune sir)

while it falls;
st-ill Jill ask Jack; eye'm knot even watching the Nasdaq...
My ass is makin' money 'round the axis out that ass crack!..

eYE'LL YELL "L-O-L" and "H-A-H-A" all the
WEIGH To two banks!..
Loot is the "Root of all evil"
butt people knot win Leethal give God the "tHAnks"🙏😇🙏
eye won't pump the brakes if Trump takes the bait;
"War Time" Pres? You're slime mess;
PUnk faKEs the great...
All wORk and kNow play is okay; eye'll just stay safe...
due whatever it takes two place cake in the safe and stay wake...

Punching time clocks ⏰ sew hard bro card show time stops!..
Eye'mmm Rock 🔑 Key width key two "Gem City" knot Rocky...
onLee past path's death or lasts gasps breaths can stop me...
Rhyme ROCK Lee two sLEEp like sHEEp in the twelfth round...
eye felt pound win eye smelt ground sew eye knelt down🙏...
My opponent on stealth; WoW they fuckin' width my health now!?!
this "Hard Knocks grad" aint sad; eye just add it two the pad...
Make this cream;
Take this green 💸
and add it two the bag;
LiKE Glad💰
Write hand grand and lefty Hefty
seW Eye
Count my ble$$inG.S.
Ca$h my lessons
minus the stress Suns
And add it two the stash...
All weapons formed or born in this storm
eYE'LL just add it two the trash...
🏃Twenty four yard dash in sixteen hours🏃
plenty score card smashed pen;
mix green showers win eye make it reign...
At the "Write House"
My lead residents read evidence two "Dead Presidents"
two make it plain...
Black the light out...
eYE Pry lids after my eyelids
Oop two the roof of my mouth...
The scoop proof is the truth loot  is overrated;
eye doubt!..
my clout; eye shout
eye sprout the "Root of all evil"
eye Leethal and this work boot hug all people...
"Social Distancing" end their homes alone like Macaulay Culkin...
Casino Joe Pesci has scene hoe test me; bae call me sulkin'
butt eye'm prone like Tyrone aint know time two phone home...
Just like alien and Haley pen;
E.T.  and Lee be ~L~on~G~ gone!..
Take a vaca in this mellay like it's mayday width know payday
no way bae! tHAt's the wrong song!..
The chapter after eye finish makin' this spinach;
"my future Eve" can receive the long dong...
You can giggle a liitle; butt hear's a riddle:
Which thing long butt can bic swing while Big Chick sing song two
King Kong???

end this path don't laugh just DUE The math;
show glove know love now hug wrath in pen blood bath

Thi$ Big $wole money don't ✋ STOP for a little bold monkey from Hong Kong!..
know joke; if they want "Smoke" they can get the Cheech & Chong bong
or hit the Gong Show and get the GOng-GOng...
Funky Chunky Monkey in the middle of the wet shop win eye clock out get their necks cropped then jet chop
show ass peeling;
hoe ass squealing
slip this script on banana end a tailpipe
know glass ceiling WIN Eye pen this tale ripe...
eye'mmm on the top of the Empire State Buildin'
eye'm spotting blonde tails; swatting bombshells
while the entire state feeel pen...
"Rona" aint right; she took a big bite out of the "Big Apple"...
My Bic back though two dick smack hoe in her Iris...
Fuck the rats and bats she rode in on and her virus!..
While eye just work threw this "Rona" write aroma;
fall deep asleep in this Jeep like a coma...
Death's first steps can come step if it wanna;
eye'm just gonna keep out runnin' Grim Reapers
Width; "Public Enemy Number One" pumpin' threw them speakers!..
Pen features from Sunkissed Verse after eye tail Trumps rump which buns kissed first...
Wear's my dayummm hazard pay???
Scent a few prayers ☝ uP
God has heard 🙏 pray...
Lee and Sun's buns perched at work all day like eagle prey...
Closed mouths don't get fed wet lead;
that's what Leethal say...

Leethal 2020

✂---------Cutting room Floor ✂-------------

Yal think my ink butt's funny; butt eye aint trying two make dust bunnies or have lint balls; eye still gotta pay rent yal
Sun; them boy bent; if they think this ink is on the brink of
eye clock out and in again win this pen lead spin
*Men head spin then grin
hear sum pen joy scent:
eye whistle while eye work like the SEvEn dWARfs...
shoot missiles @ these pissed souls pistols while Heaven morphs...
SEvEr pen corpse win this ill tease quill freeze then seized LEavEs kill trees...
You might knot feel the dead leads of REaD heads; butt eye bet you feeel Lee's...
Eye'm at work like the masked man😷
No need to ask man eye'm makin that cash man...
Sunny; eye'm counting sew much money eye smash hand...
No money Lee learn he burn; see change changed hands;
Yet and still bills go in the trashcan...
Lee treat

eye won't shed a corona tear just drip this script; sip this ink and drink this Corona beer... know lime or beach; show rhyme or preach win eye practice;
"Six Feet" while the world crying and dying eye'm up buying trying knot two be
"Six deep"
Quick feet sew death can't catch up!..
Leethal verses versus Reaper verses sew we can match nuts...
devil went down two Georgia; butt bitch trip skipped OhiO
on this LEvEl he peeped the script eye just R.I.P.ped; "Go bye hoe!.."
eye could keep scribing; butt eye guess eye should get this "Power Nap" in before work😁😂!.. Like eye wrote sixteen hour days aint know joke ass eye spoke; eye paint clearLee there aint know rest fore the weary Dear Lee you hear me..? Okay; eye'mmm gettin' punch drunk; don't wanna punch skunk until my lunch funk like stunk beer(show Corona); write hunk here; height dunk fear; bite chunk dear like Bambi; now hand me my pillow set now see my silhouette; black ink eye think; butt my pillow wet... Okay eye'mmm backing away from the quill for real GOoDnightzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz😁😂...

This is my poem response to Sunkissed Verses; "Orbital"... Yes Miss Sunkissed it's Christmas and eye put your script on my wish list... Thank you fore your in{K}spiration and being sew "A Muse Sing"
Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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