Beautifully Broken

She was a painful reminder of my past,but easily representing my future
The deepest scars that I have, yes the ones that needed sutures
Hell there's no denying that she knows what she did
Convince me to disclose the location of a heart that I so carefully hid

Seems someone did to her ass just as she did me
So she's here again to rebuild herself while making a footstool of me
As I was carefully stroked I never felt the barbs digging in
This time she approached swearing that she only wanted to be friends

We pass a few messages and soon we're Dutching it on dates
We start talking into the night not caring of the conversation or how late
Slowly every so slowly, wait was that a barb right there
As you stuck your hand out brushing back my hair

The barbs are continually felt as you occasionally, accidentally, call me Boo
Before I know it, I'm answering to being called Baby again by you
You're hanging out at my house more and more
My frig is packed full of healthy shit, but I don't remember going to the store

A late night movie marathon ends in a sleepover, with she falling asleep on the couch
The next week she moved into the bedroom, that barb was felt, what the fuck ouch
Pussy and loved poured on me from dawn to dusk as never before
I'm tired of waiting for her to leave, I'm emotionally stressed, my neck is sore

The waiting for the news that she's no longer happy here with me
The looking over my shoulders to see if she's still supporting
Is she still there and does she still have my back
I only know that she is still here now, proclaiming her love to be a fact

Whatever this is I can't leave it alone
I melt at her calling me Boo, with the soft caress of your tone
I'm not totally happy with our past and all the pain that is shown
But just once I'ld love to shake hands with the one that broke her heart and sent her home † † †

Written by I_IS_ME
Author's Note
This piece was taken down and is being resubmitted
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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