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Image for the poem Teacher's Pet 101... An Ode to Carmel Kiss

Teacher's Pet 101... An Ode to Carmel Kiss

Carmel Kiss you wanna be my; "Teacher's pet???"
Let me speak to ass cheeks ass pussy leaks reach her wet...
eYE'LL feed you alphabet soups fore your soul;
until jet~streams rush and wet dreams touch your scroll
Grab your bowl it's
Add inks to alpha vet groups;
pen munch rhyme...
begin width Lee sin scripts on lips;
end [crUnch tiME]
Receiving A, Bee, Sees
Triple XXX wh[Y?] Zzz's
You want sum sip soul sex?..
Try Lee's...
eye MEAN This PEN IS a geneYes!..
Keep it between lips if Miss tits sits on my Dean's List...
eYE'LL teach you inside out after the chapter you capture this Bic inside 👄 mouth...
Know erasers;
show me lace;
kNow Lee chasers;
Keepin' id 100 proof...
Sweet pen hid unread truths...
Drew knew scents two students width cliff-notes...
Homework from how getting "dome" work list scripts wrote...
D:::rip t:::rips tucked laces between fuck faces
We ScEnE suck traces on neck;
those BIG tits and wet clit is on deck...
Allways bet on wet ink;
Bounce that ass;
Sit bic on check...
Smash!.. Yes yummy like a crash test dummy;
Poem wreck...
Quiet storm next text riot form sex
Win eye'm Skipping class
Did Lee mention you get detention width your drippin' ass..?
This teacher featured width your scripting ass...
Sex Class 3 is; "ectasy" text ride next two me;
width your trippin' ass!..
We find Lee line rewind behind bleacher...
We don't care if we're caught cause you're
🔥 HOT🔥for your teacher...
eYE Pracice what eye preach her ass Carmel wish...
Carmel 💋 Kiss
YoU READy fore sum carnal bliss..?

Bet the farm tale Miss ass Charm tell this:

What you telling me?
You want this s.p.e.l.l.i.n.g. bee?
Want me to use id in a sentence?
"eYE'LL have you yelling; !!!"
WhiLE Eye captivate;
You can graduate write after you capture the pad you ate...
Flip tassels; toss salads; win eye lick ass(w)holes...
Pass out ass out then pass scrolls...
Line thrives like nine lives sew eye Carmel Kiss past souls...
Skeet~Skeet sweet Carmel treats on sheets of your midterm...
Eve; you got an apple fore Lee..?
Well eyE GOt a BIC worm!..
Scribe Final Exam ass line roll sex cam
pour hid sperm;
Yes mamm
YoU Pinch me;
Give my bic a "Clinton"
Like Lewinski
Blue pen see read pill next two lead quill;
suck in your bed...
Hear's your extra credit;
sex the edit;
Yes eye said it now it's stuck in your head...
if you read it; check your book bag or backpack
Ready or not; lead see you're hot;
Look pad; that's that...
Eye hope your ass is on time for these classes online...
Hop off his jock and [{FREEze]} asses on mind...
You sexxxy creature
Eye taught your preacher;
Is your ill quill still hot for teacher?
Eye got cock around the clock to reach her
From Tennessee sum pen messy to Mississippi...
If you crave more A +plus for play lust;
Misses sip me...
If you [-F]ail] C. 💋 Kiss and don't spell
Miss this;
skip Lee...

Leethal 2020

Thank yoU C~Kiss 💋 fore your in(K)spiration!.. My poem response to; "Teach me..."
Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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