Imagine You Are There.

(From the female perspective.)

I weep for hours awaiting your return,

How soon my love to end my deep concern.

Your absence leaves me feeling lost and low,

You in my arms I wish it could be so.

Each night I prey the ending of my wait,

I miss your serenading by my gate.

Even though I have not long to wait,

The time it goes so slow for goodness sake.

Just knowing that you’re somewhere far away,

Adds ten years to each and every day.

I love you so you know how much I do,

Please I beg you please return here soon.

All those things that occupy my day,

The hobbies that I do while you’re away,

No longer take my interest in their hand,

Not even building castles in the sand.

There are so many lovers all around,

To see them makes my heart fall to the ground.

I wonder through the park all on my own,

Our favourite place for us to be alone.

I remember all those magic times we shared,

The magic now has gone with you not there.

Our water fountain seat with in the maze,

The centre of our world of lazy days.

To try and pass the time I visit friends,

But they all have their lovers to attend.

They also have their children in their home,

I wish that we had children of our own.

Why must you be so distant at this time,

Is my need for loving such a crime.

Each day I drop a penny down the well,

And prey the lord that you are safe and well.

The nightmare that I have fills me with gloom,

The battle which you fight may seal your doom.

I trust the lord that you are coming home,

From fields of war that keeps us so alone.

Each night I sit at home all on my own,

And dream about the day when you come home.

I wonder if you’re thinking of me now,

While gazing at the moon behind a cloud.

I miss you so I can’t hold back the tears,

And close my mind from thoughts of which I fear.

Until the day you’re safely in my arms,

My thoughts of you are all that keep me calm.

I miss the way I feel when you touch me,

So warm and safe for all eternity.

Everything you are arouses me,

When we make love I fly with ecstasy.

My needs are growing stronger for your touch,

You are the only one that I can trust.

My feelings and emotions in a twirl,

Needing your deep loving to uncurl.

My dreams are filled with you each day and night,

My fantasies of you and me in flight.

Forbidden thoughts do wonder through my head,

Of making love to you upon our bed.

I wonder through the visions through my mind,

The love we made of oh so many kind.

I’m wanting and I’m needing you here soon,

I touch myself each time I think of you.

I lie down on our bed and close my eyes,

Imagine you are there stroking my thighs,

Imagine you are there stroking my chest,

Imagine you are there kissing my breast.

Imagine you are there massaging me,

To make me feel as calm as I can be.

Imagine you are there stroking my feet,

You kiss my toes so gentle and so sweet.

Imagine you are there tickling my knees,

To make me laugh then play around and tease.

Imagine you are there kissing my legs,

How you make erotic scenes within our heads.

Imagine you are there kissing my hips,

You make me breath so deep and lick my lips.

Imagine you are there stroking my back,

To make me feel so wonderfully relaxed.

Imagine you are there stroking my hair,

To show me that you love me and you care.

Imagine you are there to go below,

You please me with your mouth so nice and slow.

Then you thrust yourself upon me like a beast,

Make love so strong yet always true and sweet.

Such the things that travel through my mind,

I think of you to try and pass the time.

How soon my love, how soon dear will it be,

Before you’re once again alone with me.

I cannot take this loneliness no more,

My endless wait is making me feel poor.

My heart won’t take another day alone,

If only you were here with me at home.
Written by Lord_Stabdagger (Lord Stabdagger)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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