Better Off Alive

Seeking shelter
In the same place
I'm most guilty of the wreckage
When your heart is a broken home
And I'm doing the best I can
But what does that mean
When our best is handicapped of our excuses

Life sentencing to life partners
In a police state of the free
Prison cell quarantine
Entrapment doesn't feel like home to me

Our bars are unseen
And obligation is its own bondage
When we kill ourselves surviving
Schedules accommodating circumstances
We toss and turn in our beds of civil unrest
We are blind without time for romances

Struggling to breathe
I sing beside her deathbed
Learning to cope with loss
Like trying to walk on just one leg
Lacking in stability
I'm doing my best
But what good is the best
When it's based in my own ability?

Work and release
Like we're caught and trying to live with scars
I feel incomplete
Trying to make it one day at a time, how can I reach for the stars
When the brightest light I fail to see is You

Money is nothing when there's nothing to buy
And worthless all the more for what's priceless inside
Fighting forward, we breathe, we love, we die
Buried in unmarked graves of routines resounding I tried

Seeking the reward of our efforts
When what means the most is something we can't earn
Humbling our pride when true life is a gift beyond us
They call it living when we're dying as we strive
Some think us better off dead but if we're dead in this moment
I'd say we're better off alive

Resurrection begins in the here and now
And I know we'll make it some way, somehow
The truth is, alone is never truly better
Bridge the distance in this dissonance and put us back together

Beginning from where we are
My habit to break is the depth of your scar
Fighting onward, I swear I'm not your enemy
Love me so, even when you can hardly stand to look at me

Afraid of touch in a toxic world
Together we are separate as we disperse
For loves sake, to disarm the affliction
Sometimes to go forward we must go in reverse

Reset society and the vows I speak for today
After all that we've been through and lost
Beginning from the end of what our lives say
Here lies the past as I take up my cross...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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