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Between the Warrior and the Witch

another trip around the sun
my yearly reckoning beckons
groaning, heavy  
with unanswered questions,  
swirling like distant galaxies
its past time to explore
did I love without conditions?
my soul shouts, yes!
but the bodies stacked
out back by the shed  
of my selfishness
would speak otherwise
if they could still speak at all
my mother used to say
the heart wants what it wants
but Im guessing she didnt know
shed given birth
to a black hole
did I accept love given to me?
defiantly, Id say that I tried
perhaps harder than before
but we both know
I rubbed it into my skin
to keep from ingesting it
washing it off frequently
with how soft it made me feel;
my limbs entangled with yours -
that, I could take
but not if my heart, raw
was touched in the process  
no, not that
the young warrior
flaming sword at the ready  
proudly counting the battles won,
bloody trophies scored;
looted from the carnage she left behind
in her greed for destruction
to mask her need for connection;
guilt is a useless emotion
but it wears like dusty leather,
restricting her movements
the wise old witch
stitching tales into blankets
with her magic wand
bent with the weight  
of carrying her own history
its joy and pain  
poured in equal measure;
she isnt ready to share with me
the peace shes found;
one day she will give me her secrets,
but not today
I stand here in the chasm
between the warrior and the witch
one has given me her raven hair
the other has given me her silver
holding their hands in mine,
I am neither -
the first not yet cast aside
and the second has not arrived;
for now, I am content
to be both  
Written by LunaGreyhawk
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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