Nurse in Charge

Nurse in Charge
     The nurse says, “So Viagra wouldn’t get your stick In gear?”  
     “Not even half-mast.”  
     “Just twitches in your britches?”  
     “Floppy as the noodles used in swimming pools. My doctors are reinventing the wheel. My late wife used to spank me and that got me a hardon. I tried to convince my doctor who insisted my dysfunction had a medical reason. My simple solution was met by disbelief as not grounded in medical science.”  
     His nurse says, “Turn Over. We’re going to prove them all wrong.”  
     He says, “I’ve never done with my nurse before, only with my wife.”  
    His nurse says, “You want to get to the bottom of this don’t you, pun intended.”  
     He replies, “Bottoms up!”  
    She says, “Now moon me. I am well prepared to behold your bare bottom both as a nurse and a woman for whom nudity is anything but obscene.” He assumes the position required with the ease of a man who knows what he is in for and welcomes it. “Good thing you’re in a hospital gown. Loose-fitting clothing is best for post spanking inspection to see if it was effective.”  
     “What kind of examination do you have in mind for the aftermath?”  
     She says, “The element of surprise will add to the therapeutic effect.”  
     He replies, “Your hand on my derriere by itself floods me with warmth. Would a massage be a good first step?”  
     She smacks him but gently so as not to sting him into an unbearable pain that would overwhelm his poor peter into flaccidity. She says, “Mr. John is your pepe puttering up?”  
     He says, “Your coaxing is so soft and gentle. Did you learn your bedside manner in nursing school?”
     “I used to be a massage therapist. That is where I got my touch from. My clients liked me to talk soft and nice to relax them. Your bottom sure is getting warm. But tell nurse Josie is your wee wee waking up?”
     “I’m pumping with iron now.”
     “You sure are waggling your caboose. But I figure a few more smacks for good measure. Now nurse Josie wants to know if your tweety bird is a twittering?”
     “If my birdy gets any more attention the sheets will need changing.”
      “Now show me your willy. My, my, I’ve created a monster. You are well-hung as a Brahma bull. You see those know it all doctors were wrong. But I need a tactile feel for how successful your treatment was. Yep, it is just as I thought, hard as granite. There will be no charge. My compensation is pride in solving your problem when even the MDs were clueless.”
Written by goldenmyst
Published | Edited 31st Mar 2020
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