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Image for the poem eYES CONfess… an Ode to Valeriya Long

eYES CONfess… an Ode to Valeriya Long

Too bad two had; what few had then then glad true blue sad;  you grew mad and threw jab Width kNEW pad homages...
hopin' open broken
Pen add "hard knock" grad promises two keep; rad comments list; a few
Comets missed; two weep after two sweep chapter of "Love bug" drug under rug after eye captured; rapture of;
"War and Peace"  
YoUr damn  
at least six feet;
when we ceased; pen deceased;
did not need a gun for the beast or a nun nor a priest or Confession Box;  
when my calls got dropped our connection flopped;
did not [STOP] when my heart got chopped out
and my pic got cropped out...
You not shocked and appalled eye crawled under a compression rock;
through true blue depressions clue and Lee lessons Boo;
eye have confessions two eye see you allREADy knew...
Love collections;
the confections of our connections true...  
feel you DUE Two
win we !MINDFUCK!
*now rhyme stuck
next line win it's "sex time"
tell your future ex-find duck!..
is it a sex crime two fantasize???
scandalize win we scan the lies...
plan the guise then fan the eyes...
fake the challenge before the panda tries
freeze tag Lee's pad and ya man dove cries
yo date suck; show snake, yuck; go hate fuck; make love sighs
win f[L]ake love dies...
end this confessional dominion in your professional oh pen yum
is it tasteless win eye taste bliss pen traces she faceless  
Lee replaces whore kiss width your lips???
script more  
is it out of fashion;
win eYE LLick her tits; slits and clit and take sexual trips eye imagine eye'mmm smashin' your hips?.!
wild my pen ride minks inside her pinks and REaD leads link;  
legs spread my inks my two head(s) think of yoU!..
aM Eye a Prick?..
because my bic lead and my big head trick my dick head;
win we s6x n9ne my sick mind depicts which time we switched lines of;  
"Oh gods!.."
Grinds does show bods love know frauds;
eye Confess there's no contest;
eye can't forget yet Miss you were the wettest sew eye get this;
[W]in [E]ye [T]hink back eye ink that your pink cat
has eight lives left;
gasp ass eye
take last breaths;
fake past steps;
eYE See ScEnE of Cee Lo Green; because she sew MEan!..
sew; "Fuck yoU!"
when you fuck him
eyE WWish you luck slim
pen drew lust
Yes it's true eye fantasize you on my; "Wish List" who can't love guys...  
You my gift in this script like a Santa prize...
and yeS EyE CONfess eye'mmm a motherfucker;
eye th-ink then ink of YoU win your lover fUck her...
Leethal 2020
Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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