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"She Was RIGHT !" ... A Poem written by Big Virge 7/11/2013

She Was RIGHT She Was RIGHT !!!!!
My Ex Girlfriend Was OH SO RIGHT !!!!!!
She Always Said,
"Virge, you do realise, i'm low maintenance !"
By This She Meant  
A Lot of Hot Women Have Got PROBLEMS !!!
Attention Needs Insecurities Now HIV !!!!!
Material Dreams ... Venereal Disease !!!
Devious Schemes And DIFFICULTIES !!!!!
MORE Than Men Believe Until They SEE .  
Beyond Sex Scenes And Wet Panties !!!!!
My Ex Was HOT OH YES To ME !!!!!!!
Because of How She Made Me FEEL !!!
Yup HOTTER Than Chicks Who Have LOOSE Lips !!!
See I've Heard Men Talk About Women Like WHORES !!!!!  
I Sometimes DO When I Have PROOF ...  
That Girls Pull Moves They Should NOT USE !!!!!!
Like Playing They're Cool  
When They're Prone To Moods  
That Hit Like " TYPHOONS " !!!!!!
Because They CAN'T GET To Have Their Own Way !!!
With The Type of Men With Whom They Like To " PLAY " !!!!!
PLAY Like Games Men Should EVADE !!!!!
My Ex Was RIGHT I Miss Her Vibe And SEXY Thighs !!!!!
And As For Her Breasts They Were THE BEST !!!!!
I Have To CONFESS We Had Arguments !!!
Well I'd Say ... DEEP Discussions  
That Lead To BETTER LOVING !!!!!!!!!  
She Was A Single Mum  
Who Loved Her Son With ALL HER HEART !!!!!
But STILL Found Parts That Left Her Mark ...  
On Me Like SPARKS From Romantic Darts !!!
As If Cupid Aimed And Called My Name  
" BIG VIRGE " Proclaimed !!!!!
Cos' She Loved Me   MORE  
Than I Could EVER Have Thought !!!!!
She's Married Now And I Wish Her WELL !!!  
Even Though I've FOUND That I MISS Her Smell !!!!!
Miss HER LOVE Right Now SO MUCH  
That It's Kind of TOUGH To Write This Stuff ... !!!!!!
Because ... She Was RIGHT ... !!!!!!
I Have A NEW LIFE On Foreign Tides  
FILLED WITH Sunshine And Feminine Vibes  
Fresh To My Eyes But ... She Was RIGHT !!!!!
From Here To Online It's Hard To Find !!!!!!!  
Women In This Life Who Don't Let DENIAL Control Their Minds  
And DON'T Contrive To Live By LIES And FAKE Designs  
FAKE ASS Hair FAKE ASS Nails !!!  
Fakeness Prepared That Hides DETAILS  
of The LIES They Hide To Get Themselves Guys  
Who Are HAPPY TO Lie To Spread Their Thighs !!!!!  
I Even Read Online !!!
Words From Some Girl That Shared The Fact .  
That She PLAYED With Man Or Maybe Woman !!?!!
To See Them In PAIN Time And AGAIN  
Pretty Lil' Face But CLEARLY INSANE . !!!!!!
Like TOO MANY Women !!!
Who Think They Are Winning ... ?!?
With All of Their " Tricking "  
PROFESSIONAL Ho's In Rhyme Or Prose
Which Goes To Show That My Ex Was RIGHT !!!!!  
Now Women Online Use The Net To Send Texts  
Or Write Poems That Exhibit PROBLEMS !!!!!
Resting In . " Their Minds " . !!!!!!!!
Eroticised Lines Pretty Much ALL THE TIME !!!!!
But Are QUICK To VILIFY Replies From Guys  
Attention Seekers Showing Weakness  
Is What You Find These GIRLS To Be Like !!!  
Tissues of ISSUES !!!
Fellas They Give CLUES  
So You've Got NO EXCUSE ... !!!!!
If You HIT Bedrooms Or WORSE Chatrooms  
Where THESE GIRLS Play ... TEMPTATION Games ... !!!!!  
The Other Day I Met One Who Seemed Like FUN ???
Claimed To Be Into YOGA So I Moved A Lil' Closer ... !!!  
ONLY To Then See . !!!
That She Seemed "Sneaky" ... !?!
Didn't See Her For A While Then Her Boss Told Me  
That She Had Been Released For STEALING Money !!!!!!!!
Yoga INDEED And A TRUE Story !!!!!!!
She Was Tall And Kinda Hot  
But Look At How They "PLOT" !!!!!
See My Ex Was RIGHT !!!!!!
These Girls With Pretty Smiles ...
And SEXY Body Types  
Can Be DEMONS In "Disguise" !!!!!!!
OKAY NOT All !!!
But Watch Yourselves Fellas !!!
Cos' Quite A Few Are WHORES ... !!!!!!!
And The Others It's TRUE May Have ISSUES ?!?  
So You'd Better Make Sure You've Got TISSUES . !!!!!
This Poem's For My Ex !!!!!
We Are Now Just ... Distant Friends ...  
But I Miss Her NONETHELESS ... !!!!!!
Because My Lonely Nights Now Have Me Thinking WHY ?
I Chose To Say Goodbye When Maybe For MY LIFE ???
Like These Words I Now Write It Would Seem That .. ???
..... " She Was RIGHT ! " .....
Written by BigVirge (Big Virge)
Author's Note
As the poem says, this one is for, and inspired by, my lovely ex !
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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