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Cherry Wood Casket

She had been established, ingrained
 into my psyche
Etched, to the inside of my lids
Unable to close my eyes images
of her tight body her curves
and plump ass

Pin my lids to my brow
My grief is contained within my sight
I miss the vision of her as I rip
 the pins from my flesh
Lashes wet with bloody tears

Lying awake each night
my thick cock in my hand
She embodies my waking
and sleep
Her tongue lashing wet licks
across my balls sucking the head
of my dick raw with pleasure
Her nails tearing into my back
as she bites my nipples

I've got to move on
These dreams fucken torment
me the most delicious kind.
I smell her sweet pussy I taste it
on my lips.
Moving closer in my delusion
to the tall wooden doors
Creak slightly as I part and enter

Cherry wood casket with silk
apricot-colored lining gathered and
pinched forming flowers that remind
 me of her cunt


She enters my dream
Walking so seductively in her sheer
 gown .dark nipples poking through
She smiles as she reaches down lifts
 her breast up to her mouth swirling her
tongue around her own tit

Her other hand she dips deep into her
 pussy then places her fingers into
her mouth
Mmmmm she says
Stepping up onto small wooden stool
she slips her body now naked into the
waiting casket

My cock as hard as steel straining
through my pants
Reaching forward with both hands she
 takes my dick pulling firm and aggressive
her grip a  slow jerk guiding me by
my helpless prick

I look down on her as she tells me
" come here baby fuck me again
Solid hardwood coffin the smell of sex
 and death fucken turned me on

The alluring sight of her beauty lying
 still legs spread wide hanging over the sides
Leaning down close shoving my shaft into her sopping box forcing a grunt from her tight pussy

It grips my dick with a hard suction
 pulling out full stroke her creaminess
coats my foreskin
I pound her like a pile driver into her
 hole now soaking our coffin bed

Faster,  hard, I slam my bitch erupting
into a hot messy jizz that drips out
 of her puss
On my elbow, I rest down onto her
settling into the deep wooden coffin
My  head spins from the smell of smoking
 hot pussy and dark wood

My dick growing hard again as I pump
her slowly,  deep banging  her cervix
she's nasty now her words getting dirty
 grabbing my ass for more action

Sitting up a bit she reaches for the lid
Pulling it down on top of us
Dark casket tunnel. smells like dick soaked
in wet puss my head spins in the blackness
of this space

An echoing of out moans and throaty groans
fills my ears as I give her all I've got hadd
and fast I smash this fucken dessert
sloppy wet sounds loud as we grind
into each others flesh

Forgetting about her I can only think about my surrounding,  inside this coffin fucking
 this deep hot pussy that grips my dick
not letting go she sucks me in deeper
like a vacuum my aching prick cannot stop

She bucks wildly cumming over both of us
 spraying  her juice onto my to stomach
She opens the coffin lid
Opening my eyes I remember where I am
Looking down on that peach fabric
kissing my baby goodnight.
Written by Valeriya (Valeriya Long)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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