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an unexpected, but delightful guest

i was just hanging out
lying in bed
thinking about
whether or not to watch another flick
or go for a smoke
or ???

when i heard the front door open

this was not normal

though my spidey sense was tingling
it wasn't of danger

there was a certain
"mmm, something strange is afoot, but i don't think i have to worry about it"

i listened further
and the one who opened the door
stepped in
shed shoes
set them aside
shed coat
hung it up

there was a casualness to the 'intruderís' movements

the sound of feet
bare of socks
walking from front door
to kitchen
intrigued me even more

bare feet
i thought
"this human is very comfortable here"
i listened more as the 'intruder'
picked out a glass
filled it with water from the tap
drank fully
a soft "mmm" shared after the last drop

the glass was put gently on the counter
feet pattered down the hall...

and there she was

i was waiting
with eyes on my bedroom door

first her foot appeared
toe to heel
the sensuality in the movement
caught my breath

my eyes widened
my centre
my sex
began to tingle

a moment later
her calf and knee appeared
tantalizingly dangling the foot that entranced

movement slow
but inexorable
the rest of this magical delicious human
appeared before me

any anxiety i had when first the door opened and closed
evaporated in a yearning so animal
i had to stop myself
fingers clutching the sides of my bed to keep from lunging at her to devour her


there she was
emanating sensuality like a siren

while i remained
consciously self-restrained
under my duvet
wrestling in my mind
with whether i should pounce
or allow myself to be pounced upon

the latter prevailed
i stayed put
she moved in
like slow heat
emanating from a bonfire of lust
first touching my bed
with her fingertips
a brat-filled smile on her lips
then leaning over
a look in her eyes like
"emma,  you make me come just thinking about you"

this moment of eye to eye
of seeing her desire for me
of showing my acceptance of her
had us pause
just for a moment
a microsecond in the span of billions of years of anticipation

i speak
a mirror of lyrics newly loved
"shut up, kiss me, hold me tight"

she does
i melt
she melts into me

we explore
revel in each sensation

our lips leave moments of bliss
our hands wander
create sensations of tickles
erotic joy

her legs wrap around mine
our nethers touch
and i come

wave after wave engulf me
send shock waves through her

she comes
melts into me
as i into her


we sleep
when next we awake
our time together
will be both familiar
and new
full of playful erotic joy

so glad am i
for leaving the door unlocked
open to uncertainty
to the possibility of something magical


will i
will she

will you?
come with us
into this beautiful release

you are welcome here
she and i welcome you
lover of ours
touch and take us
to places hitherto unknown


if you like this, let me know
friend me
follow me
join me in exploring ;)
Written by am_me (Emma Pacific)
Author's Note
this just fell out of my mind, and i'm creaming my pants... i hope you were brought somewhere sensually wonderful when you read it ;)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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