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Vampire (Part 1)

As he gazes into my eyes I know he intends to take me body and soul. His fingers threaded through my long brown hair as he pulls my head back. I am completely at his mercy although I fear he has none. His very presence sends tingles down my spine as a seemingly shadowy hand reaching between my legs. My skin is flushed and I can feel the hot fluid of my growing excitement. Even my fear simply transforms into a greater desire to be taken completely, to submit and give him everything. I can taste the blood on his mouth which is intoxicating and sweet as he kisses me. His tongue like a serpent coolly slithering around my own as he bites my lip drawing my blood to mingle with his own. My heart quickening and the air is pulled from my lungs as if into a deep cold void where there is no warmth. He is absent any breath and so he takes mine, the devil’s parasite or possibly the devil himself. His other hand moving lento across my breast causing my nipples to immediately harden from the cold. And then continuing down, moving around my waist and slipping beneath me from behind. His fingers seeming to become longer underneath almost touching the culmination of my burning desire and reaching into me. My desire growing ever stronger but still like a scared animal caught in headlights unable to move. He forcefully pulls me forward closer to him with ease. Every action seems to be taking my humanity as I feel the life draining but even still replaced with something more, this primal urge to be taken. My gaze is locked on his empty black eyes that lack any semblance of soul, a doorway to hell.

I start to rock my hips against his hand and the bulge in his pants. I want him inside me so badly but this predator clearly enjoys this hunt and taking his time. I expose my neck begging him to take what he will. He pulls me closer as I straddle him rocking my hips even more aggressively, my short skirt easily allows me to rub my panties and my burning passions against his large throbbing penis. ‘Please’ I whisper, mouth pressed against his ear but it is all I can do to say this one word. The hand cradling my head moves down my neck as a sharp nail starts to cut into my blouse breaking the skin. I feel the blood running down my back as my blouse falls to the floor. He take a blood covered finger and places it in my mouth and I suck it as per his silent instruction in my mind. I never stop rocking back and forth against him and I know he wants to enter me as much as I want to be entered. If an invitation is desired I give it eagerly. Leaning my head further to the side he opens his mouth as two very sharp fangs push through the gums. Once again cradling my head as he passionately starts to kiss my neck. I can feel my blood pulsing against his tongue as the fangs press against my skin. But he only teases and does not puncture me.

His fingers press against my silk panties rubbing against me in slow strokes. I close my eyes and try to catch my breath as the sensation builds. I can feel his penis throbbing and my mind is a bloody mess of desire. Quickly removing his support I fall back until I am lying flat and tears my panties off with force aggressively pushing my legs apart. I feel his serpent’s tongue against my stomach and down to my inner thy as he slithers around my pussy. His tongue lightly brushes over my clit and my back arches from the intensity of my nerves. My legs bruising from his strong grip as I writhe about in involuntarily  to pull away. He is a master in this torture, tongue running the length of pussy ever so lightly. My fingers scraping against the wood beneath me in an attempt to grasp something. His sharp tongue finally makes it way inside me. Like it is searching for something lost it moves deeper inside of me while applying pressure all around. So close to orgasm but with each contraction he slows the movement of this serpent inside me keeping right at the edge but not allowing a climax. Moving the attention of his tongue back to my clit, he inserts a finger applying even more pressure. His month pressed against me from the front and his finger pressing inside. I gasp and moan as he increases the speed at which he moves against me. Then suddenly there is sharp piercing pain on my thigh and I can feel the blood coursing into his mouth. I cannot control the orgasm as it ripples through my whole body and I scream. The hot fluids running out of my pussy through this eruption. I am growing more delirious from whatever poison he has injected. I feel a desperately need to replace what is being lost, a burning desire to feel his fluids inside me. He grasps me tight as he  continues to take from me. My skin pulling against his fangs as he removes them. My body quivering and tingling all over as it jerks still gasping and moaning. Incredible spasms fueling my obedience and desire.

He takes down his pants to reveal his throbbing penis and I pull myself up to kneel in front of him taking it in my hand. Stroking and taking it into my mouth, it is hard as a rock. My eyes gazing upward as I suck. More excited as it pulses in my mouth. Moving my tongue along the shaft and flicking the tip. He grabs my head pushing deeper as I try not to choke and my nails dig into his flesh. And if he bleeds I am eagerly ready to lick it off after. Taking him deeply inside while I run my tongue around the folds of skin and tip. Again I move along the shaft up and down wanting to taste whatever poison will flow from his penis. His endurance seems insurmountable as I continue for such long time. With each pulsation of his penis I can feel myself grow even wetter, reaching between my legs to stroke myself as I suck. More excited with each contraction but slowing each time I feel him ready to cum so that I can take my time and enjoy this in my mouth. I do not know if this is my choice or his any more. But I know this is slowly building towards a much more intense orgasm when he releases into my mouth. Finally I can taste a little on my tongue as his body jerks a little and I suck deeply and he starts to unload in my mouth. The most forceful ejaculation I have ever felt doing everything in my power to not gag at the volume. My tongue moving faster focusing on the tip with each ejaculation nails digging even deeper. His grip on my head is so strong not allowing me to pull away, making me take it all. At the same time I climax and cannot control my own jerking and spasms while more fluid runs onto my hands and fingers longing for this incredible penis to enter my pussy.
Written by NBathory (Natalia)
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