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Night Songs (Featuring Juvenalis66 )

Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo  
Monte Carlo, Monaco  
Presidential Suite

“How was your day handsome.”  
“Anything, I could do to relive the stress.”  
“Nice of you to ask; allow me to show you in one minute.”  
“There’s enough room under these silk covers.”  
“Actually, I like the butter rum on top of the covers, naked look.”  
“You do know how to make this girl blush with promises.”  
“Come here, baby.”  

Bending my head back, swooping his lips on mine, slowing taking my body backwards, my spine gracing the silk top covers, opening my legs, a silken please behind the silent invitation.  
Bending his head downward whispering in my ear, “You are so beautiful,” An illicit reputation of teasing all those young-minded fucks online, now you can please a grown man in the absence of their presence.”  
Palming the sides of his face, gently kissing his lips, before resting my forehead against his.  
“That statement needs validation love.” A quick kiss to his nose “Make love to me my love, I have been thinking about you all day, your dick inside of me, pleasing me…touching me all over.”  
“Oh…baby, you do not have to ask me twice.”  
Quickly palming his dick, pulling my pussy lips apart and then shooting the length inside the wet passage of my sugar walls…umm hum.  
“Oh God baby…don’t move. mmmm, just let me feel your dick inside me.”  
His strong hands cradling my face, kissing my lips, moving slightly inside, teasing my wet and silken cove.  
“Stubborn aren’t we I see.”  
“I have been thinking about getting inside this tight pussy and licking the lining of your ass, before I stick my cock inside you as well woman.”  
Our lips meeting, him kissing me tenderly while darting his family jewels in and out. Cradling the back of my head, his tongue circling my lips; slipping the tip inside as my mouth opened, my tongue, jiggling around his, inching his face back.  
“And don’t tell anyone.” Winking at me with his wicked smile I have come to interpret at any interval.  
“Let’s see how much you really miss this dick, my sexy poetess.”  
“No reads here, no comments, and no’s SKC.”  
“I believe you told me what those letters stand for the last time.”  
“Were you listening, you did have your tongue buried deep in my ass.”  
“As I recall my hard dick in that tight hole came afterwards.”  
“You are so virile.”  
“And you talk too much.”  
“I suppose I do.”  
Wrapping my legs around the back of his hairy legs.  
“More like it love.”  
“Now pretend you are online and writing about us in this bed.”  
“Your pleasure handsome one.”  
“And In your ass much later.”  
 Umm…feeling his hard cock ramming inside my tight cunt, stirring in agitation the accumulation of my pussy juices; his lips covering mine as he slowly thrust inside me, withdrawing to the tip, and then pounding the elongation of his dick deeper, my teeth nicking his chest wall behind the domination; clenching him tighter, licking up his sweaty chest.  
“Mmm, I like the taste of you once you get aroused.”  
Resting my back against the mattress, my emotions sinking as his dick danced inside me  
“Slo...slow down, shit…oh fuck your dick is filling these walls…fu…fuck me baby.”  
His mouth arresting my sentence, gurgling the moans strangled in my throat.  
My palms pressing down on his hard gluteus.  
His tongue licking the side of my neck, then kissing my lips tenderly, my forehead.  
My body fleeing the governing sensations of his arousal persistently funneling inside the abyss of my gripping pussy without any cares.  
“Don’t run from this dick now, you talk shit on line, dammit take it.”  
“Oh, fuck, baby you’re hitting that pussy jus…just right…oh sweet mercy.”  
My fingers riding down his spine, palming the base of his dick, the wetness from his groin hairs covering the top of my fingers; smearing my pussy juices on both nipples and then reaching up to smear some over his lips.  
Bending his head downward and tonguing the tip of a nipple before taking it fully inside his mouth; greedily dining on it, tasting the essence of me.  
“Oh Juvy… oh God…oh baby…” his mouth sailing to the other nipple.  
Cupping the back of his neck, holding his head down on my breast, as he continued to decorate it with his saliva, molding it into a glistening light-brownish swollen peak, palming his gluteus, gaping my legs open wider, his dick digging deeper inside my creamy abyss.  
“Oh God, I’ve missed you, your touch…I love you.”  
My nipples becoming sensitive under his gluttonous hunger; inching upwards onto his knees.  
Looking down into my hazed filled eyes, lustful pulsates compressing his firm width, the warmth of my juicy essence cocooning the extension of his soul.  
“God you’re so fucking freaky.”  
“Show me how freaky you think I am handsome.”  
“If that’s what the lady wants.”  
“Ummm that’s definitely what the lady wants.”  
Lifting my legs in the air, bracing them against his chest, grabbing my hips and hammering my pussy down on his erection.  
 My hands fumbling backwards, palming the brass headboard throwing my tight pussy upward in union with the drilling of his throbbing dick downward.  
The fragrance of sex navigating throughout the master bedroom suite.  
Elongating his body, the tip of his toes indenting into the mattress. His palms supporting his weight…his dick refusing to relent.  
My pussy walls greeting his thrust for thrust.  
“Say…say my fucking nammmmm, fuck you.” Throwing his head back. “Oh God you fucking sending me…..”  
Eagerly pulling his body down on top of mine. My back arched, the back of my head, cushioning the feather pillow. “Oh baby.” My pussy saluting the continuous pearly flow of his monstrous ejaculation.  
“Dammit don’t stop… keep moving.”  
His palm resting upon mine, plunging inside me over and over again, depleting the seeping of an earth shattering climax.  
Our bodies trembling in the wicked aftermath.  
Panting, unregulated breaths meeting the silence of the bedroom suite.  
Him taking a deep breath, inching his face back, greeting my eyes.  
“Fuck…you feel good woman.”  
“Mmm…you were not so bad yourself handsome one.”  
His semi-flaccid girth blindly moving inside me, adjusting his sweaty weight on top of me.  
“Same time next week.”  
“In New York, I presume.”  
“Of course, my love,” stated with a quick kiss to my lips.  
Slowly withdraw his flaccid dick, rolling over, and then rising from the bed, reaching for his robe at the bottom of the king size bed.  
“Baby, I hate to end this enticing liaison, but we have dinner reservations in one hour with my boss and a couple of business associates.”  
“Please tell me not with the same boss who intervened on us in the conference room.”  
His wicked smile told me what his heart couldn't divulge.  
“Juvy…are you freaking serious, really.”  
“Baby, I’m the University’s Director now, and that unfortunate incident is now in the past; although, my boss did admit you looked quite sexy.”  
I lifted a pillow and threw it at him, unfortunately it missed  
“I am going to take a shower, and you can just wait here…alone.”  
I rose from out the bed.  
His hypnotic eyes following my naked graceful moment.  
A loud whistle escaped his lips.  
“You know I never listen to a woman, not when I make my own rules.”  
“Somehow I know you would say that.”  
He smacked my ass; his groin locking on my buttocks, as he propelled my footsteps to the master bath.  
“Just so that you know woman, your ass hole is mine much later.”  
The bathroom door closed behind our entrance.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
True love doesn't come to you it has to be inside you.

Julia Roberts
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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