What just went thru my mind

Often I wonder why is it I'm here
To be born, graduate, and land a career?
Then let loose in this fucked up place
Just to run around with a nothing face

We are suppose to be a part of a machine
There is heaven and hell; then we are between
It's all sounds good in a balanced plan
Wouldnt you like to know when it all began

Do you believe in Adam and Eve?
Now these days it's Adam and Steve
Or perhaps you believe in the big bang theory:
To be born from an atomic mass, I'm awful weary

Nothing has ever been born by a explosion
This only causes death, decay, and land erosion
A baby to be born with out planting a seed
This is a true belief of faith indeed

Why is it we kill over land that is not ours
For the government to act like Antichrist superstars
We fight over alot of subjects that make no sense
Like stopping freedom of the ones that cross a fence

Who are we to say who can live here or there
It's just another form of psychological warfare
People die everyday because they live on our street
We just pass them by and wipe our feet

I know I am only one person of many millions
Alot of us were soilders and the rest being civilians
We have all seen the impact of what we can do
To grab our guns and kill people that we never knew

I am not blind of terristic groups
For we all have lost many of our troops
When will this greed ever end
The "new world order" they think it will mend

If your interested and your going along
Go to
You have to be patient for it's far from short
In 1964 a plan was made"The Iron Mountain Report"

They called it a hoax a great big joke
Then why all the red tape and all of the smoke
Even the existence of the office of the 303
This is the engine for everything the president can't be

I am far from a conspiracy theorist
I just read a book that don't intrest most
We all live together in the same place
But to those who push the button... I'm still a nothing face
Written by Atropabelladonna (Atro)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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