I love music
I love a million men
dancing to my name
high on serotonin
and euphoric devotion
(I am cold blooded)
My suffering is
your toast

I am that skeletal street cow
and that flourishing banyan tree

I am the small basil
on the neighborhood entrance

I am the book covered
in the bright synthetic cover

I am the dogma
I am enigma

I am the wounds
with oozing orange serum

I am the stigmata
I am the grown beard
I am the high
(and the high flying flag)

I am the majestic chariot
I am the lone walker-
barefoot (with two drums)
I am the bright sun
and the brighter light

I am YOU

I am a carpenter
I am a preacher
I am a healer
I am a madman-

I am a saint
I am a conspirator
I am a phallus
I am a naked man
with composure

I am the holy fire
and the holier grail

I am stone and wood
(I am the one stoned on weed)

I am one and millions
I am he-she-it

I have no arms
and yet thousands of hands

I am beauty and ferocity

I am calm and fiery

I am multidimensional
I am ethereal
I am unreal

and the most real

I am omnipresent

I am eternal

I am Kubrick’s neurosis
I am Allen’s loyal opposition
I am Vivekananda’s find
I am Nehru’s missing link

I am Gandhi’s guiding star
I am Coelho’s orgasm
I am Cohen’s realism
I am Harrison’s tear soaked strings
(Match me in glamour and fame now)

I am everyone’s everything

I am Zeitgeist.
I am Lavey’s nemesis.
I am Bosch’s triptych
I am Blake’s blood

I am the island-the ocean-the bridge
I am primordial and modern

I am wood-metal-silken
soft skin-slate-ice-haze

I have a hundred heads
I have no limbs
I bleed-I drink-I steal

I am the graffiti
around the glory hole

I am street slang

I am the cross
I am the mosque
I am the chant.


I am the feet touching
the burning coal
I am the dried tongue
and the empty stomach

I am the cold water drops
on the baby’s head

I am the calm
and the closed eyes

I am the Chakra
at the back of your head

I am the endless tunnel
with bright flashes

I am the aurora
the supernova
I am the cobra
guiding the universe

I am the million camphor stick
I am the choral crescendo
I am the high notes of the cymbals
I am the frenzied regular drum beats

I am the

tear drops

I am the ever blooming nebula
I am the candle.
I am the fire.
I am the fragrance.


I am your regular neighborhood
I am your rosary or
may be the small silver cross

or maybe the sandalwood paste

The moisture in your eye

I am physical and

I am endless.

I am the beginning.

The end.
Written by Whitewand6
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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