What happens when you die  
Where do you go  
Many have answers  
But do they really know  

What happens when you die  
What do you see  
Is anything there  
What's next for me  

So many thoughts we have  
So many ideas in our mind  
So many things we think about †
So many clues we have to find  

Maybe people are right †
Maybe it is true  
Maybe there is an afterlife †
Maybe we have more to do †

But I don't know what to believe †
No one way is seen as right  
No two persons think the same †
Will we see a light  

I'm not saying there is nothing †
I'm not saying there is no God †
I'm not saying there is no answer †
I'm just saying life is odd  

So many mysteries unsolved †
So many treasures not found  
So many things still to uncover †
So many things still in the ground †

We want to believe we matter †
We want to believe there is something †
We want to believe in someone †
We want to believe it isn't nothing †

So many things we are taught  
So many religions out there  
So many people who pray  
So many people wondering where  

You might tell me there is a god  
That jesus died for our sins †
That there is a heaven and hell  
That life never truly ends  

Maybe we start a new life  
Maybe we become something new  
Maybe we don't really die  
Maybe all of this is true  

What about 72 virgins †
What about paradise †
What about eternal happiness †
What if the end is kind of nice  

What if jesus is yet to come  
What if we will all go home  
What if you will find truth  
What if instead we just roam  

Some people try to live in harmony †
Some are at peace within  
Some are completely content †
Some are completely free of sin  

There is more I could talk about  
More things I could say  
More things to think of  
More than just one way  

But the truth is I don't know †
I don't know what my life will bring  
I don't know how long I have  
I don't know much about anything †

I'm not an expert on life or death †
I have no way to find out  
I can't give you answers  
Because my mind will always doubt  

I'm hard to get to know  
I'm not going to lie  
I'm a complicated man  
What will happen when I die  

Written by CosiestPrism273 (Jordan Kunkel)
Author's Note
We all have different beliefs on what happens when we die. There is so many different ideas that it's hard to understand it all.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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